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The Books I Love and Recommend to all Women and Mothers

Bill gates favorite books have their own page, so I decided to make my own list.  I read a lot of books. :) Some are great, some not so great, and some I love. Here's a quick list of my all time favorites. Some of them were real eye openers and life-shapers.  These are the books that I recommend to all humans, but especially women and mothers. You can read them all on the kindle app if you like (which can be used on any device!)

It was really hard to narrow these down but scroll along for my top 5 books in money management, health, fitness, gardening, spirituality, parenting, marriage, history, and just for fun. Of course there are many other great books out there - these are just a few of the books that EVERYONE should read.

 Top 5 Books for Money Management

#1. The Courage to Be Rich

When you come from humble beginnings, it can be difficult to accept success. Suze helps you sort that out.

#2.Your Money or Your Life

At some point you have to decide. This book walks you through that choice and helps you have the best of both worlds

#3.Secret of Closing the Sale

Learn to sell and you will learn to make money all of your life

#4.The Two income trap

This book explains better than any, why I chose to be a stay at home parent (financially speaking)

#5.Suze Orman the road to wealth

One of the most comprehensive books on building wealth and happiness

Top 5 Fitness Books

#1.Convict Conditioning

Absolutely life changing! You do NOT need a gym to get in shape. But you do need a plan...

#2.Convict Conditioning 2

A build on to the first book for more advanced conditioning. These guys are rough and straight forward - sort of like Joe Rogan.

#3.The Primal Blueprint

One of the most rational approaches to health that exists.

#4.Then Just Stay Fat

This book was hilarious and motivating. It has become my battle cry. You'll understand once you read the book.

#5.Cardio 4x4

Surprisingly life changing. You don't know what you didn't know until someone shows you

Top 5  Health Books

#1.Omnivore's Dilemma

A deep dive into what it means to be an omnivore in this complicated world

#2.Baking with Natural Yeast

A cookbook, a history, a health lesson - all in one.

#3.Good Calories Bad Calories

You'll never learn more about human nutrition than you will with this book. It's deep. It's scientific. It's eye opening.

#4.Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

There are no untouched societies left. To learn from the past, we have to review what was known. This book documents the study of the health of indigenous cultures by Dr. Weston Price.

#5.The Body Keeps the Score

This was a book recommendation from reddit and I am so glad I found it. It explains so much about health and healing. Why we get sick. How to prevent it. A must read.

Top 5 History books  

#1.Guns Germs and Steel

A history of humanity - a different perspective on the rise to power


A look at why civilizations soar and why they fail.

#3.How the Irish Saved Civilization

Amazing. St Patrick is my hero. And the Irish - brave, brave people.

#4.The Fatal Shore

This book was recommended while reading another book - Collapse. And it's an eye opening look at the colonization of Australia, as well as the British penal system

#5.Animal Farm

This is a classic. A must read for understanding human nature and politics

Top 5 Marriage Books 

#1.Love and Respect

Men and women are different. Find out how to reach each other.

#2.Getting the Love You Want

Read this before you begin a relationship. You need to know how to communicate or it will never work

#3.The 5 Love Languages

Learn how your partner receives love and how you give it. Make your languages match for success

#4.How to Heal a Painful Relationship

When things go south, you need a turnaround plan. This book is a good guide.


This book will improve your life and your relationships. You need to heal your past traumas so you they aren't a focus of your new relationship.


Top 5 Parenting Books

#1.Protecting the Gift

IMPORTANT!!! This is a great safety and security guide for anyone who is in charge of protecting our precious children. It's scary stuff. Not Stephen King scary - REAL scary. Many great lessons to learn from it.

#2.Bringing Up Boys

A must read for all moms. We are not boys and we never were. It's important we understand them so we can raise them to be the best boys/men - not women.

#3.Toilet Training in Less than a Day

The title says it all, but I actually wrote a much longer review on this book. You'll learn the right age to start potty training, how to know when your child is ready, step-by-step how to do it, and how to fix mistakes.  It's a must read.


My babies slept through the night before they were 6 months old. This book is the reason. It's frustrating and counter intuitive, but it works.

#5.Secrets of the baby whisperer

Just because I was a mom, it didn't mean I instinctively knew what to do with the baby! This book taught me the skills to be good with babies - any baby!

Top 5 Spiritual Books

#1.Age of Reason

My favorite book. So rational. So outrageous. So Daring.

#2.Journey of Souls

An interesting perspective on what happens after this life.

#3.Misquoting Jesus

Historical inaccuracies and misquotes regarding Christianity.

#4.Power of Now

A very useful book for learning to enjoy your life NOW.

#5.Seven Spirital Laws of Success

A bit of woo, but a lot of insight at the same time.

Top 5 Gardening Books

#1.The Forager's Harvest

The best, most accurate wild foraging book

#2.Restoration Agriculture

A new way to look at farming.

#3.Intelligent Gardener

Gardening with a scientist's point of view. Ultimately resulting in better yields and better health

#4.The Flower Farmer

A great read for anyone that eventually wants to sell what they grow

#5.The $64 Tomato

The price of producing quality food is higher than we could ever imagine. This guy breaks it down

Top 5 Just for Fun Books

#1.Animal Vegetable Miracle

She fed her family for a year on only what they grew. An interesting view into what is possible

#2.The Princess Bride

Yes it's a book! And it's a movie. And it's awesome in both forms. Inconceivable!! A must have for every collector

#3.Dating Big Bird

I laughed and cried. It was poignant

#4.Tiny Beautiful Things

A tragic but important look at humanity. A glimpse at how to treat others with dignity and respect.

#5.12 Rules for Life

You WILL improve your life if you follow any of these rules. A must read

That was nearly impossible! I kept thinking of even more great books. I have a kindle full of amazing books and I wish there was a way to convey that knowledge concisely. Read some of my favorites and let me know what you think.       

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  1. Great list. I'm definitely going to check out some of the parenting books, for starters. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooh, looks like a great list... I've read a few of these and loved them!

  3. Hi Angela;

    I wish to have some of these books, how could I purchase? Please lemme know. I am from the Philippines.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Clicking on the books should bring you to their pages on Amazon. There you can read more about them and buy if you'd like. You may be able to find them at your library, on ebay,, or any online bookstore.

  5. This is a good list! Several of my favorites are on there, too.


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