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Someone is in your house - the police are on the way!

Tonight our alarm went off. At 12:03 AM. I jumped out of bed and ran to the keypad to see if we had an alarm code. We did....code #1...the garage door. The phone rang. I couldn't find the phone. I quickly ran to our playroom to grab the phone I had left there.

It was the alarm company. Are you okay? Yes. Someone is in your house....the police are on the way. He started to ask for my password and the phone started to echo. We have cordless, speaker phones and I know that echo sound well. It's the sound the phone makes when someone picks up the other line.

The phone echoes for a few seconds and then goes dead. "Hello, hello....are you there? Are the police coming?" Nothing. I push talk and try to redial the alarm company. No dial tone. Holy hell, this is really going down.

And ironically, today is the day that my cell phone died. So I had no way to call the police.

I run to the safe and grab the gun. I cock it quickly. Man, I've gotten good at this part. And I take my position in the staircase.

I look at my daughter who had decided to sneak into my bed tonight. She's quietly sleeping through the whole thing. The phone is still dead. I wasn't this nervous last time, but having an actual code and the phone issues freaked me out. I'm shaking. I shine the laser down the staircase. It's shaking all over.

I need to pull it together. If I was going to shoot, I needed to focus. I needed to be strong against the recoil so I could continue to fire.

I turn off the sirens and close and lock my bedroom door. Like a military cadet, I cross to the other side of the staircase and quickly lock my son's door.

The phone rings again. It's my husband. When the alarm company could no longer reach me, they called him. He's gone on business. Oh, why does this kind of thing always happen when he's out of town? I'm glad the phone is working again but I hear something downstairs.

I want to get off the phone. I need two hands to shoot. I want him to show his I can blow it off. I stop to wonder if my husband reloaded the hollow points after his last trip to the range. Screw it...I'm shooting whatever's in there.

I spent an agonizingly long time waiting in the crook of the stairs while the alarm company insisted on being on the phone. I should have hung up. Then I heard footsteps in the back. I left the stairs and made my way back into my room.

There were two men on the deck. They were police officers. Phew! Dispatch called to tell me to disarm and come out, showing my hands. I opened the door to 3 extremely tall officers. Or was I just short because I was barefoot and in jammies?

They told me my basement door was unlocked. Fan-flipping-tastic! I'm a neurotic door checker and now I'm going to have to start circuiting the doors again. They check out the house and tell me it's all clear. I can't stop staring at the the main officer's gun. It's yellow. What in the world? Maybe it was a taser?

They leave and I say good night to my husband. But there will be no sleep tonight......

I'm too shaky from the adrenaline and I've got the feeling more money will be making it's way into the hands of the gun shop. I can never sleep if money will be spent. Last time this happened, I won an all-day trip to the gun store, shooting lessons, and a new shot gun. If it's not a gun this time, I'm betting on more ammo......

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  1. I bet that was super scary. I am glad you knew what to do and held it together!

  2. I can't imagine. Glad you and the kids are ok!

  3. OMG!!!! I'm so glad everything is ok now. I haven't even held our gun. I wouldn't even know how to load it if I needed to. Well, I think, this story has made me want to go to the range.

  4. Angela,
    I am glad you and your children are ok. I have been broken into once, an attempt another time but never while I was there. After the first time I got ADT. (I really think that saved my house the 2nd time) I know it really makes you feel so uneasy for a while. I am glad you were ok. Mine has an intercom too. I think they try to talk to me on that one then call my phone and then my cell. I hope your husband comes home soon, I know that would make you feel somewhat better. I'm single and have 1 child and he is all the way on the other side of the house. (But sleeps with me most of the time)
    Take care,

  5. Oh my gosh...I don't even know what to say right now. I was TERRIFIED and I was only reading the post. First thank God you and your kids are ok and second, girl, you are ONE BRAVE WOMAN!!! We have a gun in our bedroom out of the kids reach but I'm afraid I would panic and I wouldn't be able to move. We should be more prepared. Is your husband military or police? Good for him for the way he's prepared you!! God bless you!

  6. OMG I got chills reading this!!! Im so glad it worked out ok. It seems you have your system down pat..I wouldnt want to be a burglar at your place!!

    Stay Safe!!

    Laura at My Best Day Ever

  7. Scary night. Glad everything was ok. I sure wouldn't want to be a burglar in your house.

  8. WOW... This always happens to you! I fear that something like this would happen to me, but it never actually has. And girl, my gun would be ready!

  9. OMG! Glad to hear you are alright! You are so brave! I would have been under the bed, crying from fear and hysteria!

    I need to get a gun...

    A break in is my biggest fear!

    Sending you lots of hugs!!!!

  10. Oh goodness! That's terrible! I'm glad that everyone is o.k. though!

  11. HOLY crap woman! That is so freakn scary. I sleep very lightly that is my fear. i am always locking all the doors even in the daylight. Jeff gets so mad and I alwasy say dude what world are you livingin. Fkers are not getting in.

    Glad you are safe!

  12. That must have been frightening. You did a great job protecting your children. We have a few handguns at our home (locked of course) that I am fully trained on just in case, thankfully I have never had to use them other than at the range.

    My husband is a methodical door checker, I need to get better. In a few weeks he will be traveling for the first time since we had our baby and I am nervous.

    Glad it all worked out well.

  13. This IS always happening to me and it stinks! But I guess that's why we've trained for it. And why I am a door locking fanatic!

    Nikki, I think my husband would like to be military. lol

    I wouldn't want to be a burglar in my house either. It would be their last break-in! lol

  14. OMG I'm glad you and your family are ok. That is just super scary but it looks like you were ready for them. Wow. Hopefully your husband comes home soon.

  15. I don't know what I'd do. I'm feeling really blessed that my hubbie is home every night.

  16. Goodness gracious, glad you are okay and didn't have to shoot the gun but am glad you had it to defend yourself. I just spoke up about guns in the house last week.

  17. YOU HAVE WON AN AWARD! Come get it here:

  18. I can't believe this stuff really happens to you! What in the world!?

  19. I'm so glad you're okay! That as so scary and I was just reading it!

  20. Wow. When I read your post, I thought it had to be an excerpt from a thriller fiction novel. I can't believe this happened to you in real life. Praise the Lord that you and your family are all safe!

  21. wow. just wow.
    So what set the alarm off? did someone enter the house through the unlocked door and then run off?

  22. Amanda - I'm not sure what set the alarm off. Someone could have quickly opened and shut the door (so scary) or it could have just been a really scary false alarm? It was raining that night and maybe something effected the alarm and the phone? It was crazy...I just hope it doesn't happen again. But I can't help thinking all this "training" is happening for a reason. AAAAHHH!!

  23. Omg! As everyone else said, that's so scary! Glad you're all okay!

  24. HOLY CRAP!!! Are you kidding me? I don't know what I would do if that happened. But I certainly wouldn't have held it together as well as you did, especially with the phone going dead, and no cell phone.....

    Soooo glad to hear that you and your children are okay. WOW... I got goosebumps reading this. Let's hope it NEVER happens again, whether your husband is home or not!


  25. Whoa, reading that you cocked the gun got me. So glad that you and the family are OKAY. Whew! We don't have any guns in our house, but the old man has been wanting to get armed. You are brave woman!

  26. OMG. I kept reading to the end because I was sure it was going to be a fictional piece. How scary!


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