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Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Ever Written List - Where, How, and Why to Buy Them

Why do we read books? The short answer is because we find them interesting, either for pure entertainment or to learn something. The long answer is more complicated. We are very fortunate that our ancestors developed the tools for writing and saving information. Every generation builds on the next and we very much stand on the shoulders of giants when we take the time to learn from those that came before us. If you are just delving into historical books and wondering where to start, the Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Ever Written list is a great place to begin. This is a compendium of fiction and nonfiction writings and contains some of the world's best literature. You will get a well rounded look at history, life, psychology, and purpose.
Which Books are in the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written List? This list actually has over 140 books. Over the years, they published different groups of "100." A majority of the books made the list every year. Here are the books from the l…
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The Most LUXE Hiking Gear - Make Your Hike Enjoyable!

When you go for a hike, what's in your backpack? Do you pack emergency equipment? Do you pack food and water? Do you pack for camping? HOW DO YOU CARRY IT ALL????
We have put together a list of the most important things to buy for a luxe hiking and camping experience. You will have more fun and be safer if you have the right gear. Luxe Hiking Gear #1.Comfortable Hiking Boots
Nothing ruins a hike more than sore feet and BLISTERS! Get quality hiking boots that protect your feet from the elements, give good traction, keep your feet warm and dry, provide support, and look good! These Columbia boots are our favorite. #2.Wrist Emergency Set
Backpack space is a premium! Maybe you don't have room for a full emergency kit? This bracelet not only uses no backpack space, it can be pulled apart and used as rope in a true emergency. A knife, fire starter, a compass, whistle, and rope. All on your wrist! This is the perfect emergency set for quick hikes in known areas. For longer hikes, it make…

Is Bee Balm Invasive?

When it comes to gardening, there's an endless number of questions and possibilities. More recently, people have been debating native versus non-native plants, invasive vs natives. How is a person to know what's okay to plant??? 
Today we are going to answer the question:

Is Bee Balm Invasive? We have a special place in our heart for bee balms and other native plants. In 2016, we restored over 12 acres of our farm to native prairie. Native plants have a place, but we also believe that non-native plants can be beneficial and even essential. Click on this link to read about our take in the native vs non-native debate. 
First things first: 
What is an invasive plant? We always get this image to mind when people start talking about invasives. Invasives are invaders, right? Taking over, ruining the world - leaving us all starving and dying?

An “invasive species” is defined as a species that is: Non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem under consideration; and, Whose introduction causes or i…

Heal Poison Ivy with Hot Water

Suns out, skins out. And when skin is out, so is poison ivy. Just waiting to cause an excruciatingly itchy rash and ruin your summer. Fear not! After decades of suffering with poison ivy, we have come up with the solution! Treat your Poison Ivy with Hot Water
Pour Hot Water on the Poison Ivy Rash It really is this simple. Pour hot water on your poison ivy rash - as hot as you can stand. Or take a really hot bath, use a shower sprayer, or even a hair dryer.  
Does Hot Water Help Poison Ivy? Yes. It really does help. It can offer anywhere from 4-8 hours of itch relief. Why does it work? Heat breaks up the histamine under the skin. The intense heat right on the skin is just enough to break down the histamine molecules without causing burns. (Do not leave the heat on until you burn.) 
You will feel the heat intensify and relieve the itch at the same time. Then when you remove the heat, the itch will go away. Quickly. And it stays away until your body can build up it's histamines again. It v…

EOS Lip Balm - Lemon Drop - A gorgeous flavor for spring

Summer vacation, sunny days by the pool, ice cold lemonade... all this and more is what comes to mind when I'm using my new fave - EOS lemon twist lip balm!EOS Lip Balm - Lemon Drop ReviewLike sunshine in a tube. There's not much else to say. We live in Minnesota where it's cold and dreary 9 months of the year, but every time I put on this lip balm, I think of spring. Or vacation. Or sunny days. Or lemonade. It's divine. 
It's such a small treat, but it makes a big difference in my day. EOS has always made nice lip balms, but now they also have SPF 15. And did I mention the sweet lemony flavor!
Such an easy addition to a Christmas stocking, tied to a bridal shower gift, or even given just to say "I'm thinking of you." It's a bright spot in my day and I bet it will also be in yours.

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Gamehide Switchgrass upland bird hunting vest

12 acres of tall grassland prairie blowing in the wind. That's what we planted to attract pheasants to our property. That is to say...we take hunting seriously. 
We hunt deer, turkey, bear, duck, and pheasant. Of the lot, pheasant are the most fun. The dogs, the walking, the quick reaction needed to get a shot off. The hours outside. The quiet. The rustling. The action. We also take our gear seriously.   
Gamehide Switchgrass Upland Bird Hunting Vest Review Every one has their favorite birding gun, but when it comes to your clothing - choose higher quality stuff. You are going to get years of use out of this gear. The Gamehide switchgrass upland bird hunting vest is fantastic. We've had the cheapo vests that do nothing but flash orange. We've had the stiff, uncomfortable vests with shallow pockets. This vest is the best for hunting. Period. 
There are ample pockets, great shell storage (tons of 3" 12 gauge shells can fit in these slot!,) and it's comfortable. Buy it l…

Vimergy Lemon Balm Extract Review

Lemon balm has quickly become one of my favorite herbs. Look back through this site to see how I've used lemon balm for anxiety, lemon balm for weight loss, and other lemon balm tea benefits. You can certainly grow your own lemon balm (and I highly recommend it,) but inevitably, I run out of lemon balm in the middle of winter so I decided to look at another option.
Vimergy Lemon balm extract I searched through amazon to find a pure, highly rated lemon balm extract. I didn't want one with alcohol or any other additives. Luckily, I found Vimergy - a glycerin based extract. The ratings were high, the ingredients were good, and the price was reasonable. 
We are growing lemon balm in the backyard. It's gorgeous. I planted it by seed, and it has continued to give plenty of leaves each summer. I dry the leaves and store them for winter. But all the cutting does take it's toll and there is usually about 3 weeks in early April when I run out. Just shy of the first growth in May.  Wh…