The Benefits of a Mechanical Gate Opener In the Winter

The Benefits of a Mechanical Gate Opener In the Winter

The time you save in not having to exit your vehicle to open or close gates in the winter is only surpassed by being able to stay in a warm environment between farming chores. Below are a few direct benefits of installing a mechanical gate opener.

Fewer Needs to Get Out to Handle the Gate
The drive between pastures is one of the few times farmers and ranchers get to climb in the vehicle and warm up between chores. You will no longer have to stop and hop out to open and reclose the gate. It keeps you warmer and preserves the heat building up in your vehicle.

Reduced Chances of Slip-and-Fall Injuries at Gate Openings
Gate entrances seem the most likely area for water to begin pooling from melted snow and ice. It can become a literal skating rink when the temperatures drop. A mechanical gate opener allows you to pass through this area without incident.

Durable Mechanical Parts
Using automatic openers for gates that are poorly designed can lead to breakdowns when cold weather strikes. Mechanical openers have fewer parts and are not dependent on electricity to operate. The mechanical features will work whether it's raining, snowing, or sleeting. As long as you have a push bumper or flat surface, the gate will work beautifully.

Performs Well In Cold Weather
Installing a mechanically operated gate opener system is the best option to try in a colder climate. It can be difficult to keep a live wire out to the far reaches of your property that would provide juice to an electronic system. You can trust that your new mechanical opener will work every time.
Installing an mechanical gate opener is a decision you'll be happy you made once the winter temperatures begin to take hold. Find out how mechanical gate openers can benefit your farming or ranching operation.


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