Ultimate 2018 Christmas List - Yes, it's time to get ready!!!

It's never to soon to start thinking up a list of things you might like for Christmas. I keep a running list all year long. Not because I'm a greedy sow!

But because there is a lot I want to do/try in life and sometimes that means I need tools/parts/equipment. So I keep track of things that might make my goals easier - or that I just plain need.

Here are some fun things I found that were unique and possibly really helpful to most people - something different from the everyday practical things and  beekeeping/pruning gear that I usually select.
Mason Jar Spout with glass jar included Imagine making a delicious blueberry sauce for your pancakes or a homemade ranch dressing. Of course we store this stuff in mason jars - they are convenient and perfectly sized. But they pour like crap. This might be the solution!
Conforming Wrench - This is the bomb for women or men! One wrench to rule them all! Seriously, this wrench can unscrew or tighten to any size bolt/nut. It conforms automatically.
Corner Clamp - I okay, I admit that this one will be used for beekeeping. I need it for putting together the bee box equipment. But if you build/repair furniture, frame pictures, or do any other woodwork where you need to make corners, this looks like an amazing time saver.
Pet Hair remover - you toss it in with your laundry and it is supposed to remove the pet hair. Does it work? I don't know. What if it does? It would be amazing to leave the house without cat hair on all of our clothes...
Magic hinge kit - Turn any bookcase or doorway into a secret passageway. LOVE THIS!!!
Stand up weeding tool - because at some point bending over to pick out every weed just gets old...

That's my Christmas list for this year. I think any/all of these products would be real life improvers - not just dust collectors!

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