The Future Of Medicine And Communication

The Future Of Medicine And Communication

When technology starts to be put to good use in areas such as medicine, then everyone wins. It takes years for certain types of medical technology to get approved for general use, and for obvious reasons. As we look towards the future, there are new medical products on the horizon that make full use of the Internet. As more and more parts of the world are introduced to WiFi, the possibilities for medicine continue to grow.

Digital Medical Data

The stories about implanting special computer chips in everyone and putting their medical data on those chips have been around for years. While that still remains science fiction, reality has something similar but a bit more convenient. A digital medical ID bracelet is a device that can be plugged into any USB drive and call up a person's latest medical data. If someone passes out or becomes incapacitated in some way, one of these devices could save their life.

Remote Surgery

For now, the ability to have a surgeon perform a life-saving procedure in emergency situations is something that can only be done in person. Technology is being developed that would allow surgeons to perform procedures through remote devices powered by the Internet. There are a lot of bugs to work out in this kind of technology and it may be decades before we see an actual working model. But if this technology ever gets off the ground, imagine the good it could do.


An exoskeleton is a mechanical device that is worn on the outside of the body, but it can control paralyzed limbs. This sort of technology is closer to being a reality than people may think, and it would give people who have lost the ability to walk a chance at an independent life again.

The future of medical technology is exciting and hopeful. As technology in general continues to advance, the possibilities that open up in the world of medicine become almost mind-boggling.


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