Time, Energy, Money: The Battle of the Three for Getting Things Done

Time, Energy, Money: The Battle of the Three for Getting Things Done

Nothing seems truer than the following saying: "Time, Energy, Money. Choose two."Throughout life, we always seem to have two going on. When we're younger we've got plenty of time and energy but little money. When we're older we've got money and energy but we're running out of time.

This creates a paradox, in some ways, because we're also battling whether we should invest our efforts in business and financial goals when the outcome is a bit uncertain.

We're talking about sweat equity.

Sweat equity is the time and energy you place into business/money-making efforts without an immediate payoff. We use our sweat equity toward the hopes it pans out. There are a million ways to hustle to boost that cash flow using this avenue and the aforementioned paradox.

Let's dive through a couple ways to stack that money going from what's quick (time/energy) and what requires extra effort (money/energy).

Service Gigs
A typical gig avenue is tapping existing skills to make a few extra bucks. This leverages what and who you know to use time effectively vs spending it lounging around when you feel the need to hustle.

This could include:

  • Tutoring
  • Handy work
  • Sitting
  • Care
  • Or, really anything you know with a market need.

These activities only require time and energy since they're established. Getting your name out through referrals, business cards, or applying for gigs through apps could land a few extra hours each week. Of course, the first few clients may take days or weeks to land. But, once you've built a client list this forms into a nice money-maker.

Micro Businesses
In the in-between are business ideas tapping into your skills or interest but requiring a bit of capital to get started. These options draw upon your business creativity while fulfilling consumer needs.

Examples of this could include:

  • Tree trimming
  • Pressure washing
  • Painting
  • Home/business cleaning
  • Yard work/landscaping

There are thousands of these endeavors you could start with a relatively small investment. All that's needed is one or two essential items and promotion. Fast cash loans are one way to quickly raise capital for these ideas. Else, tapping your savings or even a credit card (wisely) could get it going.

These examples require time and money. Plus, a bit of sweat equity as you market yourself and services.

A set of business cards, word of mouth referrals, and local marketing efforts like listing your site on Yelp or Google shouldn't take long. Many of these micro businesses you could hold in your spare time or moonlight until they've outpaced your normal job!

Those with money and energy can blend time and sweat equity building startups.
Again, these are ideas you could explore tapping existing talent, hobbies, or through the right set of connections.

This could include buying into a franchise, copying and modifying a business model, or expanding out as a freelancer into a full-fledged organization.

Ideas include:

  • Food trucks
  • Web services
  • Consulting
  • Mechanic
  • Blogging is a pretty common avenue for building a startup as this creates the initial interest and community feedback used to validate ideas. The blog could also eventually form into an e-commerce or business site promoting this new idea. Mix in social media efforts and your launch starts with an existing foundation used to drive sales.

These startups require extra capital usually gathered via:

  • Long-term savings
  • Personal investments
  • Bank loans and funding
  • Crowdsourcing capital

If There's a Demand, There's an Opportunity. Our economy has shifted into full-on gig mode. The idea of making money using the Web or picking up odd jobs here and there are commonplace. These aren't far-fetched ideas as they may have seemed just ten years ago. If there's a demand in the market (which there almost always is), then someone will willing to pay.

You'd be surprised the number of businesses needing extra talent without taking on a regular employee. Or, how many people are willing to pay for services or unique offers now that they're incredibly busy and have extra spending money.

Get to hustling and see what you could moonlight. See if you can find balance with time, money, and energy. And, be ready and able to put in the sweat equity to escape the rat race. There's opportunity out there!


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