Linden : Basswood Tea - How to make it, what it tastes like, is it healthy?

The Linden (also called Basswood) tree is full of benefits. It's a big gorgeous, native tree that produces heart shaped leaves and oodles of highly scented blossoms. Bees love this tree! People always ask me if I have ever made tea from the linden flowers and until this summer, I hadn't.  
How do you make it? Super easy - just gather the blossoms and steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Easy. It's a pretty yellow colored tea and tastes almost exactly like red raspberry leaf tea and all other "natural" teas except that it has a very floral scent. The scent is pretty but it's overwhelming.

I saved some of the flowers (I just left them to dry on the counter and they were dry within a few weeks) to use in the winter, but I prefer the more neutral scent of red raspberry leaf tea and probably won't use linden tea again unless I find out it has amazing health benefits. I will save the blossoms for the bees.

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