Perfect Planting! Seeding Square Review

It's just about that time!!! Actually, if you are in a warmer climate - it probably IS that time!Time to start the garden. It's the most exciting time of the year... I am a few months from planting the garden but I've already put out my winter sown seeds.

And I am anxious to use the Seeding Square when I plant my greens, peas, and beans this spring! You can use it for more than just those plants, but those are the only seeds I'll be planting this spring.
So what is the Seeding Square? It's a perfect 1 foot square with a guide for each type of seed you want to plant (at the appropriate spacing.) I've been gardening for years and I've done it all sorts of ways. I've tried just putting down seeds anywhere and I've tried being organized.

When you are organized, you have better results and it looks so much nicer - but it's not easy!! Soil is dark and crumbly and movable - and seeds are small! It's almost impossible to remember where the last seeds were and how much space you need for each plant.

The seed square does all the hard work for you! It is solid and leaves a nice imprint in the soil - so you can see where you have been and where to go next. The solid square does not move, so all holes are visible and able to be worked with.

I am obsessed! My husband has long complained about my messy gardening. I have only had one year where it was all lined up according to his liking. It took me way to much time and was super stressful. The seed square will make that problem go away.

This spring I am planting tomatoes (as plants), swiss chard, peas, and green beans. That's it. We are going to be so busy at the farm that I can't manage much more in our home garden - and the seed square will make sure I finally have straight and evenly spaced rows!

The only issue I have with the square is that I like to be very minimalist so I'm not fond of having extra tools. The good news - you only need one square. You pick it up and move it along - plus it's flat - so it doesn't take much space.

I am looking forward to a nice organized garden this summer. I will update pictures as things are planted and begin to grow!

This seed square would make a fantastic mother's day gift!! Moms and Grandma's would love this - it's practical and fun! Throw one into a new gardener kit too. New gardeners are more likely to stick with the hobby if they see success - and straight rows are pretty encouraging!

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