On the Hunt for the PERFECT bath towels!

As we age, we tend to learn more and more about the basic things in our life. I always thing - wow, if I had only known this when I was twenty... But there is no way to know it when you are younger unless you had very experienced parents that took the time to teach you the nitty gritty behind it all - and they had great parents and so on.

One of the things I have really improved upon in the last year is clothing management. Sounds crazy....but after 4 decades, I can finally wash clothes well enough to tackle almost any stain. I am much better at picking out quality, long lasting, and well fitting clothes, and am so much better at getting rid of the clutter/garbage that used to swamp my closet.

I also do a much better job with keeping our sheets and blankets washed and buying only quality blankets. For some reason, we had so many "bed in a bag" sets that turned to garbage after just a few washings. Not anymore! Now our beds have good quality washable wool blankets and down comforters. Yes, these things cost more, but can be found at garage sales, thrift stores, or on sale. And they last a lifetime.

The one area I am still working on is towels. When we got married, we pooled our towel resources together, both of us bringing our parents castaways. We still have all of those towels - so there is something to be said for their longevity. But they are not soft and not visually appealing.  Our kids use them in their bathroom.

We got fancy 10 years ago and bought ourselves new towels. We searched high and wide for affordable quality towels. We got some ho hum towels that have held up, but again are not soft or visually appealing.

I have come to the conclusion that pima or egyptian cotton is where it's at when it comes to towels. Now to find one that is affordable and high quality... The search is on, but I may be headed in the wrong direction. If anyone knows the answer to this high quality towel situation, I would appreciate your input.

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Stephanie Ann said...

"Our kids use them in their bathroom." Lmao!!!

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