Conversations with God - A Review of the first 2 books

Last week, I read through both of the first two Conversations with God books. There are 4 in total, but after book 2, I'm not going to read any further. In this review, I'll explain why.

I am a voracious reader, and consider myself pretty in tune with my spiritual side. I like to read other people's spiritual experiences - both to compare with my own and to learn from them.

So when I came across Conversations with God (CWG from here on out) in a forum, I decided to check it out. I read through the first book with some enthusiasm - but kept a notebook with me to write down inconsistencies and concerns.

I did the same with the second book. Here are my thoughts on the book:

1. Most of the things mentioned in CWG -1 are consistent with my own spiritual experiences. Most of CWG-2 is divisive and not consistent with history or my own experiences.

2. Some of the things mentioned are consistent with ancient teachings and conventional/nonconventional Eastern spiritual teachings. I later found out that the author spent many years studying religions/spirituality so it is not unreasonable that he would have known/thought/included these in his book.

3. There are MAJOR inconsistencies/errors/issues in the books - especially CWG-2.

  • "God" claims to be unconcerned with results - there is no right/wrong - but in the same book appears to be very political - and even anti-male/anti-America/pro-leader (pro-Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and George Bush for examples from the book) and a bit racist.
  • "God" claims that eating animals/fat is unhealthy for us and also advocates for Universal healthcare (we all know from our current experience that this has only enriched the big corporations and resulted in worse/more expensive care for the rest of us), getting regular doctor exams and taking medicines as prescribed. This is all from a "God" that created us with minds to think for ourselves, set up a world system where we have to eat to live (and require k2 and b12 from animal products!) and in the first book declared that we can heal ourselves. 
  • Historical inaccuracies - there are references to laws (Sunshine law) and events of WWII that are not consistent with history - they are consistent with conventional wisdom (go figure!) but not with reality. In this case, we have the benefit of almost 20 years of hindsight! A real "God" would have known all sides to the story and wouldn't just spit the same-old-same-old responses.
  • "God" advocates for an increase in the United Nations (even though it is corrupt and inefficient in its current form....)
  • "God" is forgetful and "gets off track" during the conversations. Really? I have no problem with "God" making jokes and/or being crass - but losing track is unacceptable. 
  • "God" claims that survival is a "basic human right." Good luck with that. Has "God" ever looked at nature? There is no right to survive. It is a dog eat dog world - for every being. We are very pampered in this century and we have systems (human created systems) that help people survive when they refuse/can't work. But survival requires work - and is not GUARANTEED. At it's basic level it requires hunting/foraging/shelter/getting water/staying clean. Those things don't "just happen" and are not guaranteed in the world. Are food/water/sunshine/shelter supplies available? Yes. Are they available with enough for all? Yes. But they still have to be gathered/obtained. 
There is a bunch of stuff like that. My radar was going off throughout all of CWG-2. 

The first book is filled with a few universal truths and some good ideas. Most of the ideas can be found in other books/experiences, but its a decent synopsis of many ancient teachings done in a conversational format - so its easy and quick to read. I would not take it as "the word of God." But it's a good jumping off spot to get you thinking about what we are really doing here. It's pretty close to what I would say is "truth" but it is not complete and it is not "from God."  

About that.... Can God actually communicate with humans? Sure..why not? But, in my experience he doesn't do it often and not in complete conversations. He also doesn't give direct answers - it's more cryptic (at least in my experience - it's usually tidbits, one sentence, a word, a flash of an image - then you have to figure it out on your own.) 

Why would that be? I am guessing its because we are supposed to stay focused on living now - not worrying about what happens next (after death). We are supposed to "stay in character" and when you know all that there is, you might be tempted to forget about the game. But beyond that, there is so much that we can't even begin to understand. Can you really comprehend an all powerful creator and how/why/what is going on here? Can you comprehend where that creator came from?  Its literally turtles all the way down....

God also doesn't set appointments for months later to sit down and do it again. He also doesn't outlay when he will lay down future books - "there will be 3 books" (and then he came out with 4! LOL) The author also makes mention 2 or 3 times of "making it up" in his own mind - but since he is God (and we all are...) its the same as talking to the real God - source. Umm.....No. 

I would not recommend reading any of the books in this series - except possibly CWG-1 (and only to open your mind to different ways of thinking.) 

There are 4 books - the first deals with the basics of what/who we are, the second deals with human systems and politics, the third and fourth have to deal with aliens. I will save you the trouble - human greed/fear is the main culprit to human political/economic/ disaster, aliens might exist - but whether they do/don't is out of your control and so not worth worrying about.

Best of luck on your search for the truth - but also be aware that you are here for a reason - LIVE YOUR LIFE. Worry less about the future. It is out of your control. 

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I read only part 1.
It was enough to open the door of my hearth into my mind.
All levels
Soul mind and body are connected.
It was and is a tremendous expetience.
The greatest gift ever.
I to got more than was written.
Part 1 is indeed a door and eye-opener at all levels.

I AM indeed complete.
But I already felt that part 2 and 3 are not worth reading.
I started part 2 and immediatly recognized something.
Neal still is in his victim mode, I am jot good enough.
If you have a friend for several years now even when he is GOD.
Why do you still feel unworthy to talk to him.
To a friend and GOD is my friend now too you do not have to be submissive.
He is your equal.
He does not judge.
He is you.
And you are him.

Do why fear yourself as being not good enough.
This is when I disconnected eith the other parts.
I can talk to GOD in all ways as humans talk to each other.

So part 2, 3 and in the meantime 4 are not needed anymore.
I also think that the other parts are written with other agendas than part 1.

But still indeed
Read part 1.
And I am already happy when it can bring you only 10% of what I received.

Sincerely J.M.L Hesen

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