Clean up your Water - Zero Water Review

Ever wonder about what's in your tap water? It's scary to think about - but the answers are quick to find. Almost every major municipality keeps their records open to the public and are just a quick google search away.

If you have a well, then it's a good idea to buy an inexpensive water testing kit and have a look.

We happen to have both scenarios. We live in the suburbs with a municipal tap (loaded with chlorine and fluoride, but low on contaminants) and we own a farm with well water.

The well is pretty clean, but does have higher than wanted levels of nitrates. That happens in farming communities. Even still, I am not one to want to drink any contaminants - in trace or large quantities, so I was more than happy to test out the Zero Water pitcher. It's a pour through pitcher that filters tap water directly. We are using this in our farm cabin. It takes a while for the water to filter - no big deal if you fill it up and walk away, but a bit irritating when you want a drink instantly. Just be prepared and you'll be happy with it.

The filters change to pinkish when they are filled up. I found that extremely useful for knowing when to actually change the filter. I've never been "sure" with other filtration systems.

The capacity was good, but I think I might look at one of the larger capacity Zero Water pitchers to have enough water on hand for the whole family.

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