The Self Sufficiency Handbook - Review

Opening up the first page of the The Self-Sufficiency Handbook, I felt as though the authors were kindred spirits. As many of you know, we bought a farm last year and have been diligently working to get it to a sustainable point. It's been hours and hours of dirty, hot, sweaty work.

If you've never lived off the grid, I suggest you give it a shot for a few weeks. It's hard!! We have dug wells, configured solar power, froze without heat, planted trees, killed gophers, argued with neighbors....

It's a process. So I appreciate the wisdom found in this handbook. It is more of an "idea starter" than a "how-to" book. All topics are overviews and there is no - "this is how you do it."  I would suggest it for dreamers or people just getting started. Once you are homesteading or living off the grid, you need more practical how-to type advice - and so you need more specific books or information sources.

The advice given - especially about trying out the Off-grid life before you set your mind to it are great! Also, the spirit is good. Their reasons for being self-sufficiently are honorable and just. Personally, I do not need an overview handbook, but I would have loved to read about their experiences. What they did, how they succeeded/failed, what they learned, what they would do differently, what they wish they would have known from the beginning, the best thing that ever happened, etc.

Another note - the book inside is beautiful. It has great photos and the cover is sophisticated. It would make a great coffee table book - and a great conversation starter.

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