How to Become Better Acquainted with Your Hope and Faith

How to Become Better Acquainted with Your Hope and Faith

Have you ever felt yourself struggling to uphold what you believe to be pure and true? Do you find yourself drowning in heartache and sorrow because you have lost the light of your hope and faith? No worries—your heart and soul can be full and light again. You can restore and become better acquainted with your hope and faith, but you have to want it. You have to believe that there is good in you and in the world, then invite that goodness into your heart.

Take Time Out to Meditate and Reflect

When you have a bad day, you probably lie in bed for hours, reflecting on all of the negatives. However, if you meditate on the positives and reflect on the good aspects, then you can go to sleep with a lighter, brighter outlook on tomorrow. Hope and faith effects every element of your life. When you believe that tomorrow will be great, you can move towards positive, uplifting perspective for your future.

Be Thankful for Your Blessings

Do you have a roof over your head? Family and friends to love you and care for? Good things to eat and nourish you? These are blessings and you should be thankful for every good thing you have. Sure, you might not have everything you want, but you certainly have some of the things you need, like love, compassion, nourishment, and a warm, dry place to lay your head and dream at night.

Read Your Bible and Other Inspirational Texts

Hope and faith moves beyond you. God and the goodness of the world are your guiding lights, so embrace the hope and faith that comes from the Bible and other inspirational texts. Find quotes that make you feel lighter and better about yourself. Highlight passages that speak to your spirit. Re-read these often.

 If it helps, invest in a few sessions of verbal behavior therapy to learn how to better communicate your feelings through love, positivity, and hope.

Be Creative in Your Expressions

Creativity and the ability to express yourself are blessings. Draw hope and faith from your writings, artworks, and other creative expressions. Pour your feelings, dreams, and woes into your creative flow, then express them with a crafty medium, like paints, drawings, poetry, and stories. Getting your negatives out on paper will help you achieve a happier, hopeful perspective.

When you feel that you have lost your hope and faith, it can be easy to belittle those that have turned their negatives into positives. Instead of feeling jealously and resentment towards these people, invite their wisdom and good spirits into your life. Draw hope, faith, and inspiration from them through friendship, and keep an open mind to their life lessons.

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