The Chicken Chick's Guide to Backyard Chickens

Having been obsessed with chickens for most of my life, I anxiously awaited the arrival of the The Chicken Chick's Guide to Backyard Chickens. The book did not disappoint.  It is loaded with great advice and lots of chicken pictures.

The pictures show chickens "in action" and are labeled with the chicken breed. These are details I appreciate. The book has many tips on housing, care, feeding, and emergency situations. Most of the information is good advice, but I did find a lot of it to be heavily edited to CYA (cover your ass.) It's very unfortunate that we have such a litigious society, and I couldn't help but be annoyed by Kathy's suggestions to trust the big chemical/agricultural companies when it comes to feeding/treating your chickens.

I suppose she has many sponsors among those companies and also wants to provide information to the lowest common denominator. It's not safe for a new chicken owner to make their own feed mixes based on random internet information or their own "intuition." In that regard, it's probably best to follow the conventional wisdom. But suggesting that big ag knows best on what to feed anybody is like saying fortified cereal (extruded grains full of chemicals...very similar to pet food kibble or chicken pellets) is the very best scientifically formulated food for humans. It's hogwash.

On the other hand, she is shown in the books doing her own veterinary work - cutting off bumble foot, bathing dirty butts, etc.

Over the years, I have enjoyed Kathy's website and find her chicken knowledge to very helpful and often unique. The book is a condensed/sanitized version of her blog. It's a very useful reference guide and a great conversation starter.

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