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We are officially half way through summer! It's time to start thinking about back-to-school. Getting things your children need along the way makes for a less stressful experience than rushing out at the last minute.

Of all the school necessities, I find shoes to be the most troubling. My children are always growing/wearing out of shoes and I haven't enjoyed the selection at our local stores. We usually end up settling for a pair that's "good enough" and end up with a bunch of problems all year - from improper fit, durability, or a lack of versatility.

This year, we planned ahead and I was able to snag some really groovy shoes for my daughter (who is heading off to middle school this year!!)

 These shoes were ordered from and she absolutely loves them! They had a great selection of stylish shoes! My daughter is into style and she will not wear just any shoe. She was thrilled with how stylish these shoes were - and they were comfortable. has a great way to make sure the shoes are going to fit! You take a photo of your child's foot near a credit card and because credit cards are all a standard size - they can make an accurate gauge of your child's shoe size. Easy and smart!!

They also have shoes for boys - and they update their styles regularly. Check them out to see if you can find shoes for your little ones this season - without the hassle of running around the shoe store.

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