You'll never believe what this little girl wrote....

Walking through our neighborhood, I saw a piece of paper blowing in the wind. I chased after it to pick it up. It was a hand written "list" written by a little girl. It was all the things she wished for. You'll never believe what it said...

This was a little girl's "wish list." You can click on the photo to get it to enlarge, or I will transcribe the contents below:

1. I wish I was famous
2. I wish I had the best clothes in schoool
3. I will get to go to a Taylor Swift concert
4. I wish I have a car
5. I wish I have my driver's license
6. When I am 16, I want Adrean to like me

When I first read this list, I was shocked. We live in a very nice neighborhood, where none of the children are "lacking" for anything. With the future ahead of her, she wishes only to be famous, have nice clothes, have a car, and get a boy to like her. So sad. But this is how we have been programmed in our society.

If your children are watching TV, hanging out on snap chat, watching movies, or reading magazines - YOU need to get involved and straighten them out on what actually matters in life. 

I don't know how hold this girl was, but judging by the spelling/handwriting, I would say 2nd grade. It won't be long until her lists says - "I wish I was thin," "I wish I LOOKED like Taylor Swift" or "I wish so-so loved me." 

Do not let our society brainwash your child (or YOU) into feeling like you are "less than" or "worthless." A new car, fancy clothes, and a hot boyfriend will not fulfill you. It will not make you anything different than who you are. And you are already good enough!! 

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