Stop using chemicals to wash your face!

I stopped using any facial cleaners almost 2 years ago. The results have been amazing! All the drama I had with peeling/dry skin - gone. All the acne, irritation, and discoloration - gone.

At some point, I realized I was scrubbing off all the natural oils and protectants my own body was making. It all started when I realized my face skin was getting older much faster than any other part of my body. Yes, my face receives more sun/wind/elements than any other part, but not that much more than my neck or hands. And they looked fine. The difference was the stuff I  put on my face.

I had stopped using soap on my body skin many years ago - I only use it on my armpits, unmentionable areas, and hands.

But I still used cleansers on my face. I also used lotions and makeup on my face. I sometimes put lotions on my neck and hands. It occurred to me that I might be causing more damage by using these products.

If you don't wear makeup, then you can honestly use any towel you want to wash your face with plain water. If you do wear makeup, then you want a better towel - like this one - to remove the makeup - still with just plain water.

I have used many different microfiber towels and this one is much better quality. It's nice and big too. I think it's great as a hand towel or hair towel - but I wanted to use it for my face so I cut it into 8 equal squares and sewed around the edges. Now I have 8 perfect square face towels. They are very nice on my skin and do an excellent job removing makeup.

I will never use a soap or cleanser on my face again. As a bonus, as the years went on, I found I no longer needed to wear foundation (just a little under my eyes since I have had dark circles my whole life.)  My skin is so much more radiant - less dry and less prone to breakouts (and I'm pushing 40 now!)

If I have spent a day in the sun, then I will replenish my skin with some jojoba oil. But that's it. All the other crap just weighed my skin down and made it age faster. Somehow, we all got sold into buying stuff we didn't actually need - and may even be hurting us. Try washing your face with just water (and a good quality towel) and see what happens. Give it a week or so, then decide.

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