Life is Crap Tshirt Review

Since I live in the great North and our weather alternates between tolerable and freezing, I'm always wearing layers. One of my favorite things to do is wear cool t-shirts that start conversations. My favorite is my "fight club" shirt, but this new Life is Crap shirt is pretty awesome. You can find this shirt here: - it comes in womens and mens.

The women's shirts are more fitted - but true to size. My picture is not doing the shirt justice. It's a cute and comfy top. I was quite "uncute" on the day of the photo because I was off to the farm that morning and my children are horrible at taking pictures. I had to wear 4 layers that day (42 F at the end of May - seriously??) and I spent the day in the rain. Oh the joys of farm ownership....

This shirt is hilarious but for me it's extra special. The reason? Birds have pooped on me 3 times. I was once telling this to a relative and she mentioned that birds had also pooped on her 3 times. After we stopped talking, a bird pooped on her. That's 4 times for her. This kind of crap happens. Life is crazy. Life is crap. It's fun to celebrate it and wear crazy shirts.

Best of luck to you all!

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