A Farm Update

It's been 6 months since we bought the farm, and it's been a wild adventure so far!!! We've been so busy at the farm that almost all of our other activities have fallen by the way side. So I am finally providing an update on on some of our progress.

First - what have we been doing for the last 6 months!??!?! Well...it was winter...so we did what any rational people would do. We rushed to plant trees, clean up 30 years of farm debris, and we planned.

I'm happy to report that we have cleaned up almost all of the trash. Over 5 trailers of metal were scrapped. Countless nails were picked up (in the thousands!!) Scrap wood, dead trees, and miscellaneous trash was burned. We only have one large pile of scrap wood and brush to burn. It's too large to burn in the summer, so we'll be saving it for winter when there is less risk to the surrounding areas. But otherwise - the garbage has been cleaned up. What a relief!

Here's a look at some of the work:

We mulched all the trees we planted last November. That's 77 plus 25 we planted this spring. A mix of wild fruit trees, maples, firs, and spruce. You can see our spiffy new trailer in the background.
The semi truck mulch pile is dwindling. I hope to have enough for the orchard.... In the background, you can see the well and water storage tank. We hope to fill the tank with rain water and from the well - then use gravity to feed the orchard trees which will be just below them on the hill. All the little mounds are pumpkin seeds. They should take over the space until we can plant the orchard - this fall - once a fence is put in....

Speaking of orchard - here is the plan for the space. Plums, cherries, apples, pears, blueberries, honeyberries, strawberries, raspberries, currants, grapes, asparagus, herbs, and more!

We bought an old work trailer and went to work fixing it up. Here is the before:

And here are a few "afters"
 We gutted the floors, painted them and laid down new floor boards and carpeting. We painted the ceiling, fixed the loose walls, foamed to keep out mice, and installed a solar electric system. We have electricity and lights.
Having a place to sleep makes working so much easier!!

We rented bobcats to do some heavy earth work.
There were hills to flatten, trails to make, and rocks to move.

These were so helpful in building a trail to the lake and for leveling the ground for our shed - made from a shipping container. This was another project that required a semi....

 I planted wild fruit trees along the edge of this little lake to restore "the view." It will be years before they fill in, but they should be gorgeous.

We got started on building a shooting lane, but we have lots more to build. This is the next project planned. 

We also have been working on hard on the honeybee plans and the native prairie planting. The native prairie (all 10.6 acres) will be planted at the end of May. We are excited to see it take shape!  I am working on getting supplies for the honeybees and the actual bees should move in spring 2018.

We have plans to plane the pasture and plant large shade trees (for our future cattle) and the fence should go in sometime this summer - with the orchard to follow in the fall.  There is also the business of thinning the pine forest.... Trees are heavy y'all!

We have been busy...and exhausted. We have seen more wildlife and walked more than at anytime in our lives. It's been a lot of hard work. And there is more to come. It's an exciting journey and we are very lucky to have this experience.

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