Grass Fed Collagen Review #grassfeedcollagen

Want to be fit? Then protein is it?!? Actually, there's a lot of science behind how much protein we need and how much is too much. I highly recommend you spend some time on google scholar or perusing pubmed to get a better understanding.

Here's my quick 2c (not to be construed as medical advice!) We need protein - period. We need somewhere between 10-35% of our diet to come from protein. Too much of any one amino acid and be detrimental to our health. Because people eat less organ meats, bones, fat, skin, gristle, and "other" parts of the animals today, many are deficient in glycine. There are so many reasons why this is bad! What do I do about it? I eat organ meats. I make bone broths. I eat skin and cartilage and choose tough gelatinous cuts. And I eat gelatin.

But having the option of a quick - high protein product like this Grass Fed Collagen was something that made my life a lot easier. My kids love to drink smoothies for breakfast. Milk and fruit. Tasty and full of vitamins, but not much protein. I will occasionally add grass fed whey protein, but collagen is less insuligenic and has an amino acid profile that is more complimentary to our overall diet.

It doesn't seem to add a taste to the smoothies we make. But it does add satiety and I have noticed better skin tone. It's a nice, easy way to get more glycine in your diet (and packs a whollop of protein for your meal too!)

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