Dollar Shave Club Review

Do you enjoy buying razors? I don't. I am not a fan of the cost, the selection, or the waste. So when I was offered the chance to check out the Dollar Shave Club, I was interested.

It's called the "Dollar" shave club because it costs just $1 to start - with free shipping. Then it's about $3/month after that to receive a cassette of blades.Again with free shipping.

 It's a pretty good deal, but I have found that I don't need a cassette of razors every month. Good news - you can adjust how frequently you get new razors. You can even shut of your shipments and turn them back on when you need a new razor.

Pretty cool. The razor is nice and heavy - not a cheapo plastic razor that breaks or "melts" in the shower. I have had many razors bend/break, with the top strips melting into a mess and covering the blades. I have not had this issue with any of the blades or handles from the Dollar Shave Club.

But it's not all good stuff. I found the website irritating to use. It should be so simple, but in the simplicity it was difficult. During my first order, I had a hard time ordering extra blades. My only options seemed to be the handle and some creams/lotions. I didn't want any creams/lotions, but they seemed to be the only options for purchase.

After I made my first purchase, I found the blades and was able to order them. I would have rather ordered them all together and I was annoyed. I also found it difficult to navigate to the area where I could change my shipment frequency. I did eventually find it and it all worked out well.

In the future, I will set my frequency to every 4 months (because that's how often I need new blades) and just never look at it again. That way I wouldn't feel frustrated with the website and I won't really have to think about buying razors.

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