MyoBuddy Review

Whenever you purchase a property (farmland, house, townhome...) it should really come with a warning label....and a massage!! Home and land improvements are hard work!

We bought a farm last fall, and it has consistently kicked our butt every weekend since! So when I had the opportunity to review the MyoBuddy, I thought it was a great idea.

If you're like me, then you've probably tried every massage product available. Personally, I've had the most success with foam rollers and tennis balls - but that's because I'm pretty much stuck with my own two hands when I'm in need of muscular therapy and I really prefer deep tissue work.

The Myobuddy is best described as a belt sander - or auto detailer - for your body. It's powerful and able to cover a big distance in short time. 
The Myobuddy plugs into an outlet, but has a reasonably long cord so you don't have to be stuck to the wall to use it. It has multiple speeds, and (in my opinion) the top speed is best. 

It works and it works well. It's more on the line of a vigorous Swedish massage and not deep tissue, but that just so happens to be what my husband prefers. And I prefer using the myobuddy to spending hours wearing my hands out. It really worked great! **UPDATE** I have recently learned that by using the side of the Myobuddy, it can be used for deep tissue massage. 

Even though it spins quickly, it didn't cause any hair pulling or discomfort. To be kind though, I wouldn't stay focused in any one area for too long - move it around! 

All-in-all, it was a great tool and one that I would recommend to others. 

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