Valentine's Day Fun - For Less Money and Fewer Calories!!

Valentine's Day: Love it or Hate it? For a long time, I hated it - even if I was in a relationship. It seemed like another excuse to buy junk. Then I realized, it didn't have to be. For the last few years, we have made Valentine's Day about spending time with special people. 

Because we have children - that means including them. Our family buys a carton of fresh strawberries (in the winter!!! We make an exception for V-day.) and chocolate chips. Then we make chocolate dipped strawberries together and spend the rest of the time eating them. All told - less than $10 and super fun. 

If I were single, I'd make an effort to spend Valentine's day with my best girl friends and I'd make an effort to either make it sinfully delicious (best chocolate cake ever!) or light and fun.

If you are looking for ways to have fun - but keep it light, you may want to look into these RSVP Skinnies

I don't drink alcohol, but someone convinced me to try a virgin Margarita and OMG!!! My favorite drink. As you may know....those fruity delicious drinks are packed with sugar....and packed with empty calories. So what do you do? 

You try sugar-free alternatives. These "Skinnies" can be mixed individually and have zero calories.

Since I don't drink alcohol - I made these with water. Margaritas are my fave - so here's what I did:

I mixed a couple packets with the right quantity of liquid (as indicated on the packet.)
Then I poured the mix into ice cube trays and popped them into the freezer.

Then I put the cubes in my Vitamix.

Blended it up and poured it into glasses.
A couple of things - if you want to use your skinnies this way, then you will want to make smaller ice cubes. My blender had a tough time with the big 1/2 cup cubes I made. Oops. Also, I really felt like this needed salt. One of my favorite things about Margaritas is the lime/salt combination. I didn't make this all fancy like they do at restaurants (see the lame round glass....) so I just grated sea salt into the mix.

Without the sea salt, I wasn't too excited about the mix. I could really taste the stevia and I'm not a huge fan. With the salt - it was good and a nice refreshing treat. My kids refused to let me add salt to theirs and they liked them just as they were.

And of could  make the RSVP skinnies the way they are supposed to be made - mixed with vodka - and that's easy enough too.

They come in multiple flavors - so feel free to experiment.

I will be bringing the other flavors to an upcoming Super Bowl party since I've never tried the other types of drinks and my friends will have fun giving them a shot.

As for Valentine's day - this year I'll be at my first Beekeeping meeting. We'll have to make our chocolate strawberries for dinner, then I'll head out to learn about bees. It's going to BEE a great day!

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