Gardening With Chickens - Tips & Tricks to Grow with Success

Chickens!!! Oh, how I love them. I challenge anyone to feed chickens and still have a bad day. They love leafy greens, berries, and grapes. And they are so grateful! They are a joy to visit and a joy to keep.

I grew up with chickens and have been stalking every flock within a 5 mile radius of my home. I've been in chicken factories (HORRID), egg processing plants, hatcheries, and have seen every type of home set-up (from mostly confined to full out wild.)

There is an absolute beauty to a flock that is well tended and loved. The birds are happy, healthy, and strong. They also produce much better food products for us!!

As an adult, I am still waiting to have my own. We recently bought a large farm, but will be using it for research/consulting purposes and not living there. That means no chickens. But....

That doesn't stop me from reading about them and planning to have them in the future. I received Gardening with Chickens for review last month and it has brought a lot of happiness to my winter.

I'll admit I had a hard time reading any of the words. Not because it wasn't well written, but because the chicken and garden pictures were so amazing.

Most of the pictures featured chickens - in all their fluffy glory, and some showcased the greenery (with chickens peeking behind the corner or toddling along behind the gardener - love it!)

The information contained in the book was useful and comprehensive, but not in a how-to guide/encyclopedia sort of way. A nice friend-to-friend guide - conversational, and fun to read. Plus chickens!!!

I only own one small shelf of books, preferring to read a book and give it away immediately - but I am keeping this one. I'll keep it out on my coffee table - to lure unsuspecting guests into discussing chickens and to sneak a peek at the chickens inside to imagine the possibilities.

This is a big deal.

Books must have amazing content/photos or be insanely useful (like The Intelligent Gardener, The Forager's Harvest or Convict Conditioning) to land a spot on my bookshelf or table space. If you have a fondness for chickens, then I suggest you look into this book. It will help you integrate chickens into your gardening - for your health and theirs! And it doubles as great home decor and a conversation piece.

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