Clean up your Garage - Make it the perfect workout space!

This is my ideal garage set up. Heavy weights - pull up bars/rings attached to the wall/ceiling - benches - machines - plenty of space. This is not what my actual garage looks like.

Since we bought a farm last fall, our garage is full of equipment - farm equipment!! Plus all the usuals of life. I have a gigantic pile of clothes and toys waiting to go to Goodwill. There are gardening tools galore. Cars, lawnmowers, atvs, trailers!, and so much more. It's actually pretty stressful. When spring rolls around, a lot of these items will make their permanent home at the farm.

And then we will have a semi-clean garage again. But why stop there. Sure, there isn't space to create the workout garage seen above - but there are ways to improve.

We received a small fasttrack basket to review. It will be very useful for organizing small pieces together and keeping them up off the ground. To really kick your garage into gear, you would need the rest of the fast track pieces. They have unique systems to hang up bikes, shovels, and of course workout gear. I am looking at some of the pieces for the shed we are building at the farm. That's the one major benefit of starting from scratch - you get to design the whole thing!

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