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A garden pruners in the gun "spot" - works great for both!!
I spent a long time searching for the "perfect" gun holster. My husband prefers to wear a gun at the side of his hip, but I have never found hip holsters to be comfortable. I bend at the hips, and I bend a lot - so it never works out. 

Then there are the underarm and bra holsters.  They are unique - and work well. But it's inconvenient to get at your weapon. You have to dig into your shirt - under your arm or into your bra!!!  

This fall, we bought a farm, and I needed to pick up the pace on my holster hunt. We have black bears, coyotes, foxes, ground hogs, a lot of wildlife. I need to carry in case one of the bigger animals gets feisty! That's where the Belly Holster comes in. 

If you've ever worn one of the hip bands - to hold your phone, credit card, etc - then you probably have some concerns. I loved wearing my hip band all summer long because it meant I could go out in the world without having to carry a purse, and that means I had 2 hands at all time! Woo! But, since I do so much hip bending, the hip band would ride up my chest and become uncomfortable. It would ride up my back while driving and that was annoying.

The belly holster does not move around. It stays tight on my waist - always.

I have worn this with a few different guns and I have a strong opinion about what works and what doesn't.

What works:

  • The band stays tight and is fully adjustable so it fits comfortably even if you are tiny/big.
  • It fit my S&W shield, 38 special, and Ruger LC9
  • I could bounce around, do sommersaults, dance, roll, bend all over and the gun stayed put
  • It can be worn under a shirt or over a shirt
  • It's comfortable - at least on my body type (see photo above)
  • It also has room for a full size cell phone (mine is an iphone 6), a knife, a gun, and a credit card/ID/cash
  • It can be multi-purposed. I use it while gardening (see the pruners in the photo above!,) shopping, at theme parks and more. Think of it as a WAY better fanny pack
  • Everything stays in! The phone stays in, the knife stays in - everything! And it's easy to get them back out. My hip bands were always an awkward pain to get the phone back out.
What doesn't work:
  • It is not able to hold a full S&W M&P or larger guns. It is heavy when you wear a Shield size gun. But who really wants to carry a big gun.
  • It is awkward to walk around with extra weight in the front for Shield and heavier guns
  • The snap can fall in the trigger area depending on the gun used - to remedy this, I do not use the strap unless I am holding gardening tools. 
  • It prints - a lot. At the farm, I don't care who sees my weapons. It's a good reminder to leave me alone! But in public, you need to wear a really flowy top or coat to hide the weapon. This is better with the smaller guns like the 38 special and especially the LC9 (or LCP)
  • The band will get hot and sweaty in the summer. I haven't worn this in the summer yet, but since I've had a hip band for years, I know that tight bands make sweat....

All-in-all, this is the best holster I've ever used!! It's also great for gardening. I can not tell you how awesome it is to have a pruner/scissors/knife/phone with at all times but have it safely stored and the freedom to move (without having something fall from your pockets) and to have both hands free at all times! Priceless. 

If I didn't already own one, I would ask for it for Mother's day! 

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Having belly band holster is much more convenient for the job.
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