Beekeepers Outfit - The Best Way To Sell Honey

What does a beekeeper look like? Do you have an image in your mind? Me too. The crazy thing is - we are all wrong! I belong to two major beekeeping clubs with hundreds of members. And the group is extremely diverse.

When it comes to the outfit - some people tend their bees with no hats, veils, gloves, or suits. They just walk out and open the hive. No biggee. A lot of this depends on the type of bees. Russian bees are rumored to be aggressive (I'll check this out over the next few years and report back!) and Italian bees are said to be so docile that you could disturb the hive without any sort of protection.

Okay - but what about when you want to sell the honey? When I attend Farmer's Markets, I want to buy from THE farmer. Not from their middle men. Not from re-sellers. I want to meet the farmer.

As a farmer myself, I can tell you that while we are working, we are dirty. D.I.R.T.Y. There is no way around this - but at the market you want to clean up and still look the part.

So this is my Farmer's Market Beekeeping outfit.

I just feel bee-ish when I wear this dress. I may even pin a fuzzy bee on the lapel to make it fun. I got this dress from eShakti. They provide custom women's clothes. For example - I liked this dress and the standard measurements fit me fine, but I wanted to raise the hemline to just above the knees. So I asked for that - and they delivered. No extra charge. If I checked the measurements and found that I needed more/less in an area, they would adjust it. It's the perfect women's shopping solution.

The dress fits great. I love that it has waist detail and pockets!! I hope it will help me bring in big honey sales when we bring our products to the farmer's markets.

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