ECOlunchbox Bento Cubes Review

Ever been to a school during the lunch hour? It's a scary place. Lots and lots of processed food. Lots of wasting. Lots of noise. We pack our children's lunches almost every day. We do it for a lot of reasons, but mostly to ensure our kids are eating a well balanced meal and eating foods with fewer additives.

Over the years, we've battled over packaging. For the longest time, I had a great bento system going. son decided they were "babyish" and embarrassing to pull out in the cafeteria. He actually wanted me to go to plastic bags. REALLY!!

We compromised on individual plastic containers. At first it was a pain - so many containers to wash! - but I eventually got used to it.

What I didn't get used to was the leaking and the "plastic" drama. I always select number 5 - polypropylene because I think it's the least offensive plastic. When it burns it breaks down to carbon dioxide and water - and it is less likely to off-gas and doesn't contain phthalates or BPA (to my knowledge.) may be doing more than we know. And it doesn't last.

It stains. It cracks. It sometimes leaks....

So when I had the opportunity to try out the ECOlunchbox bento boxes, I was up to the challenge. These boxes are made of stainless steel and have silicone lids.

The first thing I did was wash them up and fill the smaller containers with applesauce. Of all the things that could leak from a lunch, applesauce is one of the less offensive. But it's a guaranteed leak source on a regular basis.

They passed. No leaking. I sent maple syrup a few days later. No leaks.

We sampled two smaller ECOboxes and one sandwich size box but they come in all sizes and configurations (even round.)

In our home and in our lunches, I prefer to use glass and stainless steel whenever possible. My children carry stainless water bottles every day and bring a mix of stainless/plastic/glass to hold their lunches. We are phasing the plastic out, but we haven't yet found all the right sizes in stainless or glass.

I have yet to have glass get broken, but I have had our stainless pieces dent - mostly the water bottles. These ECOlunchboxes appear to be much thicker than our typical water bottle, so I don't anticipate a bunch of dents. We have used stainless thermoses for years and the caps wear out long before they become dented, so I'm not worried they will dent.

I was quite happy to have silicone lids because they are easy to wash/use, are not plastic, and never warp their sizes.

Overall, we were very happy with these containers and would buy them again.

I received complimentary products for review purposes. No compensation was received. This blog does contain affiliate links/ads.


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