Designing an Affordable Deer Proof Fence for Your Orchard or Garden

At the end of 2016, we bought a 40 acre farm. We spent all of our time cleaning up debris (sheet metal, old barns, nails galore! and more) and planting trees. We ran out of sun before we could finish the job.

Since the best time to plant trees was 20 years ago, we wanted to get as many trees in the ground as soon as possible. We planted maples, firs, and spruce as a windbreak and pollinator hedge - and this spring we will start with the orchard trees.

But...our land is an animal haven. That's a good thing. It's beautiful to see all the wildlife. Every single time we visit the property, we see at least one grouping of wild animals. We've seen fox, bear, turkeys, ducks, and deer most often. Lots and lots of deer. Beautiful? Yes. Destructive. Ditto.

So the search for the perfect fence began. We have almost 1000 feet to fence, so the prices started adding up quickly. Too quickly!!

But through some design work and negotations - I think we have got the project down to a reasonable cost - about $1600. I'm not excited about that figure, but materials cost money! We will be installing it ourselves and I will update with design photos, in-progress building, and the finished product by the end of next spring. Let's hope we can get it finished in time to plant!!

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