Saving Seeds: The Joy, The Utility, The Irony

Saving seeds lets you have better control over what goes into your garden and ultimately your body. I have been saving seeds for years and have been able to select for stronger plants that are hardy in my area. I no longer have to buy plants or seeds (saving money!!) and I get the joy of being resourceful.

It's fun to harvest seeds and collect them at the end of the season. Sometimes you get a lot. Sometimes you don't. It's part of the challenge.

But look at the photo above. This year I planted two types of beans. Scarlet runners and a mystery variety I bought from China that claimed to be scarlet runners.

I have grown the "Mystery china" beans for 3 years. They grow on green leaves with a hint of purple, the beans are 100% purple but turn green when cooked. Their seeds are white. The scarlet runners grow on big green vines with beautiful red flowers. The beans are long and fat - almost like a chinese long bean - and as green as can be. Their seeds are purple. CRAZY.

If you were to ask anyone which seeds made which beans, most logical people would match the purple seeds with the purple beans and the white seeds with the green beans. But gardening is ironic like that. It's never what you expect!!

Get started on your gardening plans for spring. We have all winter to prepare!

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