Protection - for your phone and your gear at school

Do you own a cell phone? Have you ever dropped it? I went for years without ever dropping my cell phone, then the ONE time I took the case off, it slipped off a beach chair and shattered the screen. Crazy town.

My son has a case but still managed to crack his screen. So we now use a quality case AND a screen protector.

Since using the screen protectors, we have had no breakage to our screens. My son did break the screen protector after awhile, then had to install a new one (thankfully, they come in a 2-pack.)

The best news - the screen was still intact after the damage. I'm going to be honest - if you have kids, especially boys, but kids of any kind - then you will need a screen protector and a bumper case. Cheap cute cases are not going to cut it.

I'm talking backpacks, pockets, lockers, friends, sports, buses, the lunch room, and all sorts of other hazards here. Save yourself a lot of stress and trouble (and eventual cost) and just do it right from the beginning.

Speaking of have to bring their own locks these days. They have to be a matching set (one for the gym locker and one for the main locker.)

We were fortunate to be able to review this matching lock set. It's so much easier to remember just one combination!! These are great for lockers, suitcases, and more. If you have multiple suitcases, imagine how much better it is to remember just one combination for the whole family.

And they are inexpensive so you can reasonably afford to do so. A small price to pay for security.

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