Making Liver taste GOOD and my results from 1 month of eating liver, hearts, and gizzards

This,  my friends, is a deer heart. I found many of them lying around my new farm. I also found a ton of other organs, but the heart is one of the most interesting and this one was fresh, so I took it home. Not to eat....though if I had killed the deer, there's no reason not to eat the heart. Unless there is... Fill me in if I'm wrong.

This heart was donated to my son's science class, along with a bunch of pheasant hearts. Other children donated cow's hearts and of course, more deer. Why? Because it's a much more humane way to dissect. Take organs from animals that were already killed and that were going to be wasted. Besides, having a variety highlights the similarities and differences between us. In my opinion, the heart is still one of the most interesting organs.

But back to eating......

Some time ago, I decided to do something about my body weakness and heavy periods. After much research, I decided the healthiest way to treat this issue was to start consuming organ meats. Yes, I went to the doctor....twice. They told me nothing was wrong and I should go on birth control. Thanks doc.

So I started eating beef liver. It was horrid. I ate all of it and had no interest in doing it ever again! Then I ate chicken liver and it wasn't that bad. Then I ate a chicken heart and it was actually pleasant.

So the seed was planted.

The next time I went shopping I saw these babies and whipped them into the cart.
Then I grabbed these:
Completely off topic, I know. But they were $1.54 people! I used these to make more than a gallon of quality - thick - gelatin rich broth. Yums.

And sort of relevant because I used that broth when  I made the tastiest liver dish ever. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I took the livers, hearts, and gizzards and threw them into the vitamix. This was a mistake. Well, sort of a mistake. The gizzards and hearts have "tubes" on them and those babies are hard for the blades to chop. They are hard to eat too. They taste fine, and are edible, but the's excessive.

Did I mention how hard they were on the blender? In any event, I wound up scraping my "Mix" into silicone ice trays and letting them freeze into blocks. Then I packaged them into a ziploc bag and I add them (2-3 cubes at a time) to any meat dish I make. They hide extremely well....minus the tubes. Since mine are full of tubes, I have to fish them out while I am cooking so that no other family members notice. Aside from one "tube incident" no one has ever been the wiser! And they are healthier for it!

**note to everyone** Cut any tubes from the hearts and gizzards before blending. You will be infinitely happier and working with the offal will be easier.

But on to the best part.

Gravy. I love gravy. These organ meats hide perfectly in any "spicy" meal. I'm talking egg rolls, spaghetti, chili, tacos... The list is endless. But they are awesome on their own as a gravy.

All I did was cook them in a little bacon grease (tell me you save your bacon grease!!! It's delicious stuff and so useful!) and some crushed garlic. Then I used the chicken feet broth and a little flour, salt, dehydrated mushroom crumbles, and pepper and gravy ever. I made a big batch along with a big batch of mashed potatoes and it was heaven.

I ate this everyday for a week. Then I started putting the liver/heart/gizzard cubes in all of our meals and I have never felt better. My energy levels are so much higher. The periods? Still messed up. But my body is changing. Maybe because of my new eating habits or because of all the work we've been doing at the land, or because I'm getting old. I have not solved the period drama, but I have gotten more energy and figured out a way to eat organ meats without gagging.

Incidentally, if you ever find yourself with a plate of liver and onions (gag) - ketchup goes a long way. It does not make it good, but it does help a lot.

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