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This fall has been overwhelmingly busy - but in a good way. We followed our dreams and bought a farm. I've been keeping notes of all sorts of plans, ideas, and budgeting issues. It's been a mess. But then I started using an actual journal.

This particular journal is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. It has places to put your "visualizations" and goals. I've found it very helpful. In fact, I do find it's much more productive to keep track of your goals and write out your plans. It improves your focus and your odds of achieving those goals goes up exponentially.

I've got an entire plan mapped out and things are falling into place. In the meantime, we are still working in our suburban area and starting to clean up for the holidays. I have a lot of things to sort through for goodwill and a future garage sale.

We have stuff stacked in all of our closets - to the top! - and it's time to get them down. I've found this folding stool to be a lifesaver. This particular stool is made for children (but can hold me) and is so lightweight and very portable. It folds flat and stores easily.

I bought the adult size one for my pantry and that stool is strong enough for everyone (even men.)

It's been one of my favorite purchases. It actually makes my day easier - almost every day.

Speaking of making life easier....why are bike seats still so uncomfortable? My children are still growing so they've gotten new bikes in the last year and the seats are still rock hard!  No more of that!

This bike seat cover fits over most seats and makes the seat so much more comfortable. My children both wanted it but my son's bike has the worst seat so he gave it a go. It was a much needed improvement. There's really no reason to suffer with a painful bike seat.

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