Perfect #gift for #crossfit #gymrats and travelers

The holidays are fast approaching and selecting the "right" gift for the people in your life can be challenging! But I found something that is perfect for travelers, gym goers, and well, almost any woman. 

It's called the GLOV. I had the opportunity to test one of these out and it was great! I used it to wash away makeup without using any other products. You can use with your favorite soap, but I used it without and it did a great job. 

It was super simple to use - fit my hand like a glove - and washed up well in the laundry. 

Here are the directions from the manufacturer:

In just 4 simple steps your post-gym routine becomes faster, easier and more enjoyable!
Step 1: Dampen GLOV’s dual action micro fibers with water
Step 2: Wipe away your makeup with ease
Step 3: Hand wash the GLOV with any bar of soap
Step 4: Hang to air dry

GLOV On-The-Go

GLOV On-The-Go has a compact design that is easy to use on a daily basis or when traveling. Inspired to meet the needs of contemporary the woman, it is the secret ally in your daily routine.

Price: $12.99

It really couldn't be any simpler! Throw this in a stocking, or wrap it up with a collection of "spa" or body care products and you have a very thoughtful and useful gift.

I received complimentary samples for review purposes. No compensation was received. All of my articles may contain affiliate links/ads.


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