One Tool to Improve the Shine of your Hair and Your Skin (aka reduce Cellulite!)

The secrets to shiny, healthy hair and skin are much easier than anyone would have you believe! You don't need endless products and equipment. Since I stopped washing my hair almost 7 months ago, I have learned a lot about hair care.

#1 - You do NOT need shampoo. If you DO use shampoo, ONLY wash your scalp - not the rest of your hair. Shampoo strips your oil layers and will dry out your hair (hence the NEED for conditioner.)

#2 - If you decide to not use shampoo - then you will need to rub your hands through your scalp every once in awhile to loosen sebum and stimulate your scalp. You can accomplish this in the shower with just water (simulating the shampoo washing routine.) You will also NEED to brush the oil through your hair.

Ever watch an old-time show and see the lady brush her hair for exactly 100 strokes? That was to distribute the oil. And it works great - but only if you use the right kind of brush. You need a boar's bristle brush.

This type of brush works best for hair -

It's inexpensive and works wonders for hair. You can use it on any type of hair (beard, body, or head!)

I use a boar's brush like this one in the bath and for my skin:

This type is inexpensive and you can find them in various styles. Some with handles some with out. The handles make it easier to reach your back etc, but it's not essential. I like this type because the bristles are softer. I use it to brush my hair (and it works fabulously for transferring oils - I could not go shampoo/conditioner free with out this brush!)

If you still use shampoo/conditioner, you can still benefit from this type of brush. First, you should try washing your hair less often. It will decrease the breakage and drying of your hair - also decreasing dandruff. But you may eventually find your hair greasier than you like (on top by your scalp.) That is easily remedied with a brush like this. No need for dry shampoo! Just brush 20 or 30 strokes. It will distribute your oils and make your hair shiny!

It also reduces fly-aways. I used to have such static hair in the winter, but not anymore! The oil distributed to your lower strands keeps the hair sikly smooth and weighed down so it stays down. But brushing the top oils away also prevents the intense weighing down that can happen at the crown and around the face. It's just an all around great remedy that you only have to buy once, doesn't add any chemicals into your life, and only takes a few seconds to use.

But it's better than that, because it is also multi-purpose. If you have the softer version of the boar's brush - you can also use it to brush your skin! This serves multiple purposes. It's a very gentle exfoliator, but more importantly it moves your lymph. This is worth spending a few minutes googling because not many people know about the lymph system. It's basically all fluid in your body that isn't blood. The intercellular fluid, the fluid between cells, etc. That fluid is vital and flows between your body and your lymph nodes. You have lymph nodes all over and they are a BIG part of your immune system - fending off germs, removing toxins, and keeping you healthy. Unlike blood, the lymph system has no pump.

Lymph moves through your body when you move. Your muscle action squeezes the lymph around. So get up and move! And it also moves by massage - I would recommend you get yourself a foam roller because you can use them to massage your entire body (without requiring another person's help!) They are inexpensive and last forever. You can literally massage all your muscles. It helps in recovery after workouts, and does amazing things for your lymph system.

Well, brushing with a boar's bristle brush also gets your lymph flowing. It takes all of 30 seconds to brush your entire body. I usually do it right before I hop in the shower since I'm already undressed. Just brush from your toes to your heart, from your fingers to your heart, from your tummy to your heart. The majority of your lymph nodes are in your trunk and we are always working against gravity. Gravity keeps your lymph down in your legs and you need it to flow back up to the nodes. Lymph settling in your legs can cause edema and all kinds of uncomfortable side effects. The solution - walk a lot, move your body often, brush your skin, massage your muscles. All easy. All basically free. All with side effects and benefits beyond just the lymph system.

The last tips I have for great skin and hair - EAT REAL FOOD and mind what you put on your skin (and hair.) Use products that are as natural as possible and use as few as possible.

Everything you put ON your skin ends up IN your body.

And don't smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs!

That's it. It's really quite simple.


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