Getting started with farming, planting an orchard, travelling between two homes

Less than a month ago, we bought a 40 acre farm. Getting started on building a farm is hard work. We are there every weekend and many week nights. Just last weekend we planted 77 trees - a windbreak to protect our future bees. We put in maple trees that we will eventually tap for syrup and I am busy siting out where our fruit trees will go.

There is a lot of potential in a farm - but man is it expensive and exhausting! Since it gets dark here at 5pm, we have had to hustle. And we've had to stay at the land overnight - without electricity, water, or real shelter. We have been camping! In the cold!!

One thing that helped us get through that rough experience was this awesome solar camping lantern.  

We set it out in the field during the day where it charged itself. Then we brought it in the tent for the night. It's really good in an enclosed space but does not give you focused light like a flashlight for heading to the bathroom or walking around in the dark.

It is nice and stable but also has a handle so you could hang it from the tent poles if you wanted. What about cloudy days? It has a hand crank and usb charging cord so you have options if the sun isn't cooperating. It's lightweight and nicely shaped so you can pack it up easily.

We were glad to have it.

While we were busy planting and hauling - our kids were busy scoping out the perfect tree for a swing. We have young trees in the suburbs so they aren't strong enough to hold a swing. They bravely traversed the woods during hunting season and think they found the perfect tree.

We'll be using these straps to load up a tire next time we head to the land. They are heavy duty, easy to use, and protect the tree at the same time. I will update this post with pictures of the swing once it goes up.

When you are traveling between locations every weekend, simplicity is key. I like tools that can perform more than one function. Surprisingly, eating is one of the biggest problems with living on the road.

One really need tool we came across was this multi-tool. It's a spoon/fork/wrench/ruler all- in-one.

Very helpful and under the oddest circumstances. It attaches by carabiner so it's easy to connect to your cookware, backpack, or belt loops.

We have been lugging things back and forth and it's taking it's toll. We have been getting horrible gas mileage and there really is just only so much room for all the tools you need. Something always gets forgotten.

We have got to build a shed - and quickly!! Then we can go back to focusing on planting and clearing debris.

Wish us luck!

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Carrie said...

Hey Angela, I just discovered your blog and think it's great! Thanks for all the practical information and reviews. Best of luck on your farming/orchard adventures. This is my dream to someday have an orchard so please share updates of your progress! I'm wondering if it's my browser, but I don't see dates with your posts...? Anyways, thanks again :)

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