Hosting the Holidays at YOUR house - tips and hacks for surviving!

Did you find yourself hosting the big family get together this year? Are you entertaining guests for the whole week or are  you responsible for the main meal? Either way - it can be stressful, but you can persevere.  Here are my top 5 tips for making it through the holidays when everyone comes to your house!

1. Clean only the visible areas. That means -  clean the living room, the kitchen, and any bathrooms really well. But don't worry about your bedroom or your kids rooms - just close those doors!!  That mean you only have to focus on a few areas and you can really give those areas the attention they need.

2. Plan out your meals. If you will be cooking for 20 - then having a plan is essential. You need to know what can be made for meals, snacks, and how to manage leftovers.

3. Delegate. You  may need help from others. It's okay to ask! Others can run to the grocery store, handle the snow that keeps falling, or help get things in the oven or to the table.

4. Lay all the food out and have people dish themselves. This is easily overlooked. If you put everything out and let people serve themselves, the whole process goes so much more smoothly. In this respect, you may want to try a trivetrunner. These are such simple things that make the world a lot easier. It's basically one big (rollable) hot pad. Just lay it out in the middle of the counter or table. It acts as functional decoration.

No table runner necessary - it does the job. Plus it's made of heat resistant silicone so you can safely put all your pots and dishes right on it (sparing your counter and table.) At the end of the holiday, just roll it up and store it in a drawer. Couldn't be easier!

5. Plan activities. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a house with nothing to do. Sure you can chat with each other, and you should, but it gets old fast. Plan ice skating, sledding, light watching, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, shopping, and other events to keep the family engaged and interested. It makes the holiday more fun and memorable.

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Zab Clement said...

Helpful! I will throw a party in my newly bought house and lot in Laguna.

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