Did You Know That Soap Grows On Trees?

Did You Know That Soap Grows On Trees?
Well for Tree To Tub, yes, soap does grow on trees! Check out their amazing line of ultra-gentle, organic body care products featuring the soapberry, an exotic fruit that makes a gentle, nourishing lather when you rub it!
Never heard of the soapberry? Keeping reading to find out!

Meet the Soapberry, Nature's Most Gentle Soap

Just give this berry a rub, and it produces a creamy, luxurious lather
Yes, the soapberry lathers, and it's also the most nourishing soap for the human body. For thousands of years, its ultra-gentle and antibacterial properties have been used in Ayurvedic herbal medicine for all skin and hair issues. Its vitamin-packed froth shields and repairs the skin & hair from dryness and damages.
Tree To Tub is the first to make the soapberry available, so you are washing with the botanical lather of the soapberry, not a lather made from synthetic chemicals.
And We Get the Exclusive Deal,
Only On The Suburban Jungle!

I’m happy to announce that Tree To Tub is giving The Suburban Jungle a special 50% pre-sale discount, only 30 available to ONLY our readers here.
This 5 piece collection includes their Organic Soapberry Facial Cleanser, Organic Soapberry Shampoo, Organic Soapberry Body Wash, Organic Argan Oil Conditioner, and Organic Shea Butter Body Lotion.

What the Soapberry Will Do for You

Instead of using synthetic lather that is severely damaging your body, the soapberry will completely transform the health of your skin & hair.

Here’s What We Get!

blog (basic set).jpg

Looks AMAZING, But
Where Can I Get It Or Learn More About It?
The brand launch is taking place on Indiegogo, the global platform for young companies to bring their ideas to life.

To access the exclusive offer, you must be a Suburban Jungle blog reader, go to our unique campaign link here: http://bit.ly/TreeTub-SuburbJungle

You should see the Secret Perk for their Basic Collection, which is listed $79, 51% off their $160 Retail. There’s only 60 left, so get yours now.

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