Cleaning up Sweaty Dirty Clothes, Planning for the Future, and Just having fun

If you have ever been inside a high school wrestling room - God bless you. It is the most concentrated form of manly sweat stink in the world. When I take my daughter to gymnastics, the moms always complain about how bad their gym smells and I just shake my head. There is no comparison. But that's what's in my laundry right now. Hard fighting wrestling sweat...and a whole lot of tree planting homestead sweat too!

I am always open to trying new things and for years I have been working with some pretty great natural cleaners. But my husband is not happy with their ability to get out the "funk." His laundry usually comes out of the wash smelling like it never went in. So I was more than happy to give Persil ProClean Power Liquid a try.

It had a very nice, clean scent. It did leave a scent on our clothing - a clean scent and one that my husband appreciated. It did a much better job of getting out sweaty smells then my usual detergent. I am happy with it. I think I will definitely pick up a bottle or two to get me through the sweaty days of life on the farm and for wrestling season (3 long months of 2 hour daily practices!!)

Speaking of farm work.... 

We planted our 77th tree this week. The snow stopped us in our tracks but we now have a really good windbreak in place and 25 maple trees that will some day produce maple syrup.

On top of that, I have been working on restoring 10 acres of tilled land to native prairie. So good for the soil, the wildlife, and for my future bees....

Lots of work ahead. But not all work. 

We are putting in a tire swing for the kids (and future grandkids) and this Swing kit made it so much easier. I was always afraid to install a swing, but not anymore. This kit made it easy and safe. Very thankful!

We also had the chance to try out this awesome hammock with mosquito net.  I love to be outside and I'm not usually bothered by bugs. But my family members are and they are grateful to have the option of netting. 

This would make for a divine sleeping experience in the summer. Sleeping under the stars, swaying in the wind, no bugs on your face! 

What could be better? Well....waking up to your orchard full of buzzing bees and ripening fruits and berries... Of course!

Until then, we plan and get to work! 

We have snow on the ground and all of our hard work at the farm has ended for now. Now we are busy planning and preparing (both what to do and how to pay for it!) for spring. 

Spring will bring so many new possibilities!

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