Why Heaven Isn't Real - There are no angels, streets of gold, or endless years of song and worship

When someone says "heaven," what are the first thoughts that pop into your head? Streets of gold? Angels? Worship and singing? What if I told you all that was wrong?

Would it change your view on heaven or make you "not want to go?" Well, I believe that all of those views on heaven are, in fact, wrong. I first started thinking about it when I was very young. It happened one day during church service.
I wasn't your typical "kid in church." I sat nicely and I listened. I listened to everything. In fact, I played church with my siblings - mostly for the grape juice - but also because I knew all the parts. There is a lot of repetition in Catholic masses, and I knew all the parts - the people and the priest. I had mad priest skills.

As I listened to the repetition, I mouthed along; but I really listened to the sermons. I figured these guys had the inside scoop on all there was to know about the world and I listened hard.

During one particular sermon, the priest was discussing the glories of heaven. He said we would spend eternity worshiping The Most High, singing with the angels. Record scratch.....

Did he just say we would be singing forever? Like forever ever? Our entire existence would be spent worshiping? How horrible!! How boring! How pointless! It was at that moment that I started to question everything. I asked my parents, priests, and multiple catechism teachers. I asked about heaven, I read through the bible multiple times, I asked about the origin of the bible, creation, science, the meaning of it all. The answers were always one of three things:

1. It's blasphemous to question the Lord. 
2. That is the mystery of faith.
3. It's God's will and God's will be done.

Holy shit was that unacceptable. I have spent the last 3+ decades learning everything I can about religions, life, and death. None of those answers is right! None of those people knew the truth. Not even the priests.

The sermon on heaven opened my mind and that opened the door to a host of unimaginable experiences and I have on personal account that heaven is not only "real" but it isn't at all like the images portrayed in our culture. I say that heaven is "real" to mean that there is life after this experience. I know that with 99% certainty (because when that "door" opened, it opened wide and let me see/experience more than the average person.)

But it's not a boring existence filled with worshiping a master. It's not like that at all. It has purpose. It has interest. It has joy. It will be different for each of us, but I'll tell you about "my heaven."

My heaven will be filled with knowledge. I will learn everything there is to know about the origin and history of humanity. I will understand every last nuance. Then I will learn about our planet, our solar system, and worlds beyond. Then I'll focus back onto life on Earth. I'll explore the organ systems, the microscopic organelles, the chemical reactions that work together to form our entire existence, mechanical movement, and neurological functioning. I'll finally understand the whole picture!

I'll explore the interconnected web of plant, animal, and fungal life. I'll learn it all. This may take me a few hundred "years." Then when I know all that I want to know about this, I'll learn new things I'd never even imagined. Then, I'll use all that knowledge to create new things and explore new ideas.

Eventually, I might decide to introduce food into my life. It was/is one of my favorite Earth topics, so it only makes sense. I can foresee at least a few solid centuries to learn all of these things, and a few centuries more to start to use that knowledge. Of course, there is so much more than I could ever imagine and I will most likely be learning for an eternity. This type of heaven sounds exciting to me - interesting and full of challenge/insight.

How about you? Perhaps you would like to sing for the rest of eternity. I bet you could if you really wanted to, but it's not mandatory. And streets of gold? That never made sense when the Bible clearly states that money is "of this world" and not of any use in heaven. If gold happens to be your favorite color, then feel free to paint the town. But start thinking about what you believe, why you believe it, and what you really want your existence to be.


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