Today I ate my Third Liver - And How to Make Liver Tolerable!!

I ate my first liver a few months ago. I've blogged about it numerous times, but I am the type of girl that has water faucet periods. All that bleeding leaves me weak and tired, so I rationalized that I must need more iron in my life.

How would somebody go about adding iron? Eating dark green vegetables like spinach, stinging nettles, and Swiss chard is a good start. But then there's LIVER. Liver is the ultimate "anti-fatigue" food. It's full of B vitamins, iron, Vitamin K2 and more.

I had never eaten it before so I bought a Braunschweiger liver sausage. It was edible but had this horrid smell and gaggy after taste. It lasted and revisited me through out the day. The smell was so memorable. And I decided I couldn't eat liver ever again.

But as the months went by, I still bled away my iron supplies and ironically, low iron levels beget even heavier periods in a gross vicious circle of unfairness. So as I was walking along in the meat department, I came across Cow's liver. A whole huge cow liver was only $1.29. What did I have to lose?

I read all the right ways to make it edible and it seemed the best results would come from soaking it in milk then breading it and cooking it in butter with onions.

So I did. Again, it was edible but something about it made me feel like I had just ripped the liver from a dying animal with my bare hands and ate it raw. I had cooked it. It just felt savage and raw. And bloody though all the blood had been cooked or washed away. I don't know.

That liver was huge. So I separated it into 5 meals and I ate every single one of them over the course of a week. I came to regret meal time. But I did it anyway. Eventually, my microwave smelled like liver - and I still feel like it does! I resorted to using ketchup during my last 2 liver meals. It helped a bit but the texture was still there.

And the worst part was I felt the exact same before and after eating it. I had hoped it was going to "cure me instantly." I didn't like the taste but I had rationalized that it was medicine and medicine doesn't always taste great.

The Beef liver was more tolerable than the sausage, but it was still kind of gross.

Fast forward to today. I was cooking chicken noodle soup. I always start with a whole chicken and as I was opening up the chicken - I noticed the offal.

I snatched out the bag and opened it up. Kidneys, gizzard, heart, and liver. Hmmmm.....

Unknown to my family, the gizzard and kidneys made their way into the soup. I cut up the liver and the heart and cooked them in a 50/50 mix of butter and bacon grease.

And then I ate them.
I ate them with some horrible cheesy potatoes. The first bite contained heart and it was quite decent. Chewy but good. The liver tasted like liver but WAY less intense than the pork liver sausage or the beef liver. It was tolerable. Like really tolerable. I still alternated potato and liver bites but it was good. And it didn't leave any random bits stuck to my teeth for me to suffer with later like the other livers seemed to do.

I think I can manage this. Every time I make a turkey, pheasant or chicken - I will eat the hearts and liver.

If you've struggled with eating liver - then you might want to give the chicken a try. It's organs were way less intense and way less gross. I had thought about hiding beef liver into other meals, but I'm telling you the smell and the taste are so strong I'd be afraid to do it. I know my family members would sense it and refuse to eat the meal. I think I could hide chicken liver. I'm almost sure of it!

Oh yeah. And in case you're wondering. I still feel the same. There was no magic Popeye moment when I ate any of these organs. Maybe it takes awhile. Maybe iron is not my problem?


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