Stocking Stuffers - It's never too late to start accumulating fun things for Christmas

Every year - Christmas arrives and along with it all the stress of visiting, travelling, gift buying and more. I remember when Christmas was just pretty lights and good food. Oh to be a kid....

But since we are now adults, we have to do the gift buying. I would advocate for much less buying - who needs all that stuff? - but if you do need to buy a bunch of stuff, I suggest you start early. Pick up little things here and there that make you think of the other person and consider picking up stocking stuffers on the cheap. Little gifts that can fit in a sock - fun to open and useful.

In our house, stockings usually contain some candy and possibly personal items like toothpaste or floss. But they also contain some fun little gadgets.

This year - we'll have another phone user in the house and this is perfect to plop into the stocking!

These things work great and they are super inexpensive! They are easy to use and do a wonderful job protecting phones. Toys are also fun to add to stockings - but little ones like this Whistlecopter:

These are little and fit perfectly in a stocking or for travels. They are fun too!

My personal favorite thing to find in a stocking is food! I love all sorts of food and finding it in my stocking is the best. This little jar of Honey would make my day. Not only is it organic and all natural - but it's also RAW. Raw honey has so many great properties. Just make sure you don't heat it up or it loses its raw benefits. Its still healthy and good either way, but its best right off the spoon or in a raw dessert recipe.

And you can't go wrong with chocolate! Or candy canes. Personally - I'd also love to see egg nog in my stocking. I love that stuff and it's never around long enough. This year I'm going to stock up on it and have it long into the New Year. I'm going to attempt to freeze it. If that doesn't work then I am going to learn to make it because I just love it!

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