Period Panties that are BETTER than Thinx?? I try them out and give you the run down!

There are tons of reasons to switch to reusable menstrual products. The environment is just one of them. I've been on the reusable journey for almost a year. I started my building my own pair of reusable period undies, then I bought some Thinx.

This is what my homemade reusables look like:

You can see what went into them by clicking this link. I like them and they are SUPER absorbent - but they border a little on too diaper-y for regular use. But damn are they absorbent!

So I bought some Thinx. I have been using them for 9 months. You can read all about how I feel about Thinx here (spoiler - I like them and hate them!) I use both the Thinx and my homemade undies for my periods. I also have a set of reusable pads (for when all my undies are in the wash!) and I still have to use the occasional monster super tampons... I have faucet periods (major TMI) but if you read about my Thinx experience  you'll understand why tampons are still part of the drill.

Except, now I may never have to use a tampon again. Why? Because I discovered something better than Thinx and maybe better than my homemade undies.

I discovered bladder control underwear - specifically Confitex. I thought about bladder underwear a few months ago and I ordered a pair of generic bladder control undies on ebay. They turned out to be nothing but a pair of underwear with a pad inside. They were crap.

I gave up on the idea until I decided there HAD to be a better way. I did some digging and found Confitex reusable bladder underwear.

They come in all sorts of styles but two absorbency rates.

Light - holds up to 25ml with a one time 5ml "incident"
Moderate - holds up to 200 ml with a one time 40ml "incident"

Let that sink in for a minute. Remember that 1 regular tampon holds about 5ml, a super holds about 10ml. Thinx maxes out with their hiphuggers at 10ml.

The "light" Confitex hold 25ml and can handle a 5ml "gush."

So I ordered one of those babies. I figured I would start out with the "light" and if I was impressed, I'd spring for the 200mls.

I found that if you head to their website and scroll around a bit, then come back a day or two later, a 15% off coupon will pop up on the screen. Or at least it worked for me!

Before I get to the functional aspects of the underwear, let me just take a second to say that Confitex uses "real women" in their ads. They came under some criticism for not photo shopping and they stood by their right to show women as they really are (and FWIW, the women in their adds look real but beautiful) and I am proud of them for that.

Now on to the goods....

This is how they arrived at my door:
Cute packaging. 

Underwear look good - normal. 

Meshy Athletic fabric inside 
Exact same feel to the outside fabric as the Thinx underwear
They fit good, they look good. They are surprisingly thin. Maybe a tad thicker than the Thinx but not all that noticeable. They feel like regular underwear while wearing. This is why I think Thinx is stupid for not making a higher absorbency pair. But I digress....

Then I put them through the water test:
Yes, I own syringes. Don't ask....

5ml first - one tampon, and I did it as a "gush." I realize I pulled up 10ml, but I only used 5ml in the gush.

5ml "gush" being absorbed. It took a few seconds but it all soaked in. No leaks

A few seconds later
Then I added 30 more mls for a total of 35mls in the light absorbency Confitex.  It took a few seconds for the water to settle in and in fairness, I kind of "gushed" this fluid too. Once it settled, I could pick the underwear up and swing them around and no fluid came out. I even squeezed them and no drips came out.

The outside stayed 100% dry. The inside was a wet mess. Not sloshy but definitely "wet" and would probably feel quite wet on the body. The underwear are designed to take 25mls. I used 35mls.
So for fun, I pulled out my Thinx to see how far I could push them. Since I have 2 pair, I repeated the experiment back-to-back. They both gave out between 10 and 15mls. Thinx hiphuggers are designed to take 10mls, so they delivered but they could not overachieve.

In case you were wondering, this is what the Confitex looks like side-by-side with my Thinx. They feel alot the same, but the fabric out of the absorbent area is different for the Confitex. It's softer and less I don't want to say "crunchy" because none of these underwear make plastic noises or feel like plastic but less stiff maybe?  And yes, my thinx underwear are "used" I'm sorry, but I am alive and I do use these...
You can choose between a whole bunch of styles of confitex, all with the same high quality absorbency. And by the way, if you ever needed these for bladder control - hot dog would they be awesome. WAY better than disposable diaper-type underpants, no crinkliness. Just normal feeling underwear.
Thinx is mostly the same "type" of fabric throughout with more absorbency in the key center and back area.
Confitex has softer fabric everywhere that isn't the absorbent area. It's a change that I think will result in less "sweatiness" but I'll have to wear them a while to know for sure.
I was super impressed with the fit and the absorbency. I'm not super excited about the price. After shipping and I think I paid about $42. Not amazing. You can get free shipping if you buy 3 or more pairs. That's better.

I intend to wear these on the first 2 water faucet days and overnight. They should be able to handle the flow. I'm really excited. I should be getting my period any day, and I will update this blog at the end of that experience.

With the addition of this pair of Confitex, I have 5 pairs of period underwear. 1 Confitex, 2 homemade, and 2 Thinx. Based on my laundry habits, I think that would be enough to make it through the whole period! Thinx for light days, Confitex for daytime heavy days and my homemade undies for nights.

I am still very interested in seeing how thick the "moderate" Confitex underwear are. I'd like to see how much volume I could get them to hold (in water!!) They might be the ultimate nighttime underwear.....

I will keep you posted!

*I did not receive any items for this review. I bought or made every product discussed. My blog does feature affiliate links/ads. These do not cost the reader anything but do help support this blog. Thank you!


DrKat Dale, ND said...

Love this honest article. I am so pleased there are more women talking about this and that companies are offering solutions.
Too bad Confidence doesn't start a campaign focused on women's menstruation too!
Would love to connect.

Rachel said...

Any update on these??

Angela said...

Here is my most current update 10/10/2017: I have found that over time all the menstraul undies start to keep a "smell." I have had luck in the beginning removing the smell by soaking them in vinegar and then re-washing, but eventually the smell lingers. It's an old - dead smell. Not good at all.

I still find the underwear to be convenient on the days when you "might" get your period and want to be prepared. I found them to be entirely too much as a stand alone item unless you are going to be home and not very active during the day. I wish it were different.

I have a homemade pair that has not gotten stinky (made of microfiber and cotton) and has a fantastic super absorbency. They are ugly as sin, but they work fantastically and I use them every month for my day 1 night - which is the heaviest, worst bleeding for me. They have kept my bedding/clothing dry every time and absorb so much blood it's outrageous. But they make my butt fat like a diaper and would be unacceptable to wear in public.

The think/confitex look like nice underwear and do a respectable job of holding some blood - but again with the eventual smell and inability to hold all the blood, they can not really be stand alone products. Best of luck!

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