Keep your car clean, Make your own juice, and get rock hard abs!!

Today's women are like superman. They balance kids, work, the house, marriage, shopping, cooking, and cleaning yet some how manage to look great! I'm no superman, but I do have a lot going on right now! Maybe you do too. Time to look at a few time saving products to make your life easier.

Do you lug dirty stuff in your vehicle? I do. I will not pass up free black dirt, woodchips, plants, or manure. Yes, manure! I have put it all in my car and with somewhat disasterous results. Containers spill. Even if you aren't putting that type of stuff in your vehicle, you may be transporting pets, camping gear, or sports equipment.

If you are, then it's time to consider protecting your car! I have this black waterproof cargo liner for the back of my van. It fits most SUVs and does a fantastic job of covering the carpeting. Why not just use a tarp? Because tarps move and don't always fit correctly. Ideally, you would use both for really dirty jobs.

But this cargo liner does a pretty good job and it looks good. Tarps look like crap. You could forget to take this out and not be embarrassed by a ratty mess. It looks good with or without cargo.

While you are busy keeping your car clean, time to think about cleaning up your life. Let's start with your eating habits. According to recent figures, the sales of juice are way down. Wahoo! Finally, people are starting to realize that store bought juice is severely lacking in nutrition. There's just no substitute for fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. If you want juice, make it yourself. It's much healthier, tastier, and fun.

I've owned many juicers over the years and this little juicer is pretty convenient. The best part about it is the glass container to catch the juice. My favorite juicer is a vintage glass juicer, but it is lacking because it doesn't have a container. This does it all. And it's about the right serving size so you don't make more juice than necessary. I am a big fan of glass so the fact that the container was glass was a plus in my book.

Why should you limit the amount of juice you drink? Because juice on it's own misses the fiber and other parts of the fruit necessary for adequate health. Juicing it yourself does keep all the vitamins and enzymes intact, but you will want to make juice a treat and not an "everyday food."

That will certainly help your abs! But you'll get double the results if you work them! Ab exercises can be some of the most boring!! So try out some new gear to make it more fun.

I am a big fan of these ab gliders. They take almost no space to store, they are portable, and they are effective. Painfully effective. I love to use these for army crawls and body drags. They take a little resistance (friction!) away and make the workouts much more fun!

I recommend adding them to your routine (especially if you run a bodyweight routine.)

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