How To Fix BAD Posture - rounded shoulders from too much screen time

What does your back look like? Never thought about it? Go take a look! If you are like most Americans and spend a great deal of time with your device (or computer) then there is a good chance your shoulders are rounded forward.

This postural position sets up a cascade of physical changes - from a forward jutting neck, to twists in your spine - that can all lead to disaster. Headaches, neck pain, back pain, weakness, and deformity are all on the list.

So how do you fix it. First of all, take a break from the screens. Learn to use them with better posture in mind. Then start working on exercise. Most people work to improve their front of their body (because that's what they see in the mirror) and neglect their posterior side. Don't! Do back work - like rows, pull ups, and good mornings. Don't forget important exercises like dead lifts too!

There are tools that help too. Like this back posture corrector. I wore this around the house for 3 hours. It felt like wearing a backpack but did wonders to hold my shoulders in place. It was amazing how many times I tried to round my shoulders in daily life but couldn't because of the brace. I had no idea how often I tried to round them.

But I only wore it once - because I have pretty good posture and posterior muscle strength - and I'm new to the whole "device life."

My children are a different story. My son is in desperate need of posture intervention. I have tried for years to get him to pay attention to his posture, to work on exercise, and limiting screens. To no avail.

So the back corrector went on. He complained and complained, but when my husband complimented how much stronger he looked walking around with his shoulders in the right place, he wanted to wear it all the time. It is now his and I am hopeful that it will correct his posture for good.

Part of the shoulder rounding cascade is  puffing out your ab muscles - if you have this problem (as my son does) be sure to use the "pulling" sensation of the brace as reminder to pull your ab muscles in. Train your brain to associate that pull with the reminder. You will be glad you did!

I received a complimentary brace for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own. This blog does contain affiliate links/ads at no cost to the reader.


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