Great Abs - Trying New things - and Staying Motivated to Workout

I am a firm believer that all you need to get in peak shape is your own body - but..... having equipment can make it a whole lot more fun and can increase your results. 

I have an assortment of fun gadgets that make working out more productive and more interesting.

One of my favorite - and quite frankly the most useful piece of equipment I own - is a pull up bar. If you're not worried about people watching, you could get the same benefit at your neighborhood park or theoretically from a strong tree branch - provided you have the grip strength.

I wouldn't be without that bar. In fact, I saw one at a garage sale for $2 the other week and it was all I could do not to buy it. You know, just in case. But the truth is, they are indestructible and my pull up bar should last pretty much forever. Having two would be overkill.

Free weights - dumbbells - are extremely useful too. But staying  motivated to work out requires variety. Not just in your routine but in your equipment. It may be tough to sling around heavy cast iron dumbbells, and you will get results from them, but it's just as tough to muscle this innocent looking ab roller.
Look at these nice and closely. They look like a carnival - big fun rollerblade type wheels. How could they be anything but fun? In fact, I suckered both of my kids into a solid workout just because they wanted to use these! Ha!

They were mistaken on how much work these would be - and so was I. I own an ab wheel and I use it often. But these are different. Both arms can go in the same or different directions. You can switch your angles. They give one hell of a tough workout. I've used it mostly for abs, but I'm sure I can figure out a way to make these challenge other body parts too. Unstable pushups, army crawl,  or mountain climbers? Maybe. 

Right now I have worked these into my rotation as an ab wheel type exercise. They provide a killer ab focus. I will update this post if I successfully slide them into other moves.

Haven't worked out this week? No excuses!!! All you need is your own body, and if you're bored with that, these type of tools can make it much more fun and get you back in the gym. What are you waiting for?

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