Fall Camping, Cozy Double Hammock, leaf watching, and chopping herbs for winter

Fall is my favorite season. I love the smell of the air, the semi-warm temperatures, and the beautiful colors! If you are fortunate enough to live in a temperate climate, get outside and enjoy those leaves!!

They are a pain to rake up, but only if you consider them a nuisance. I consider them as food for my trees and garden. Plus, my children love to feed them to goats. You have never seen a more grateful, excited animal. They love everything we feed them and leaves crunch in their mouth like chips. So rewarding!

It's also time to get out and enjoy the rest of nature. It's still warm enough to camp comfortably. Nothing beats reading in a hammock just on the edge of the forest (or deep in the forest if you are lucky enough to have a spot like that!)

We had the opportunity to try out this double hammock. It's nicely made and comfortable. You can technically hang it from anywhere. My only complaint with it is that it did not come with tree straps. They are kind of essential and who has those lying around. I happen to have a swing that I can latch this into without straps but that doesn't help when you are backpacking or camping. It is lightweight and easy to travel with. You can use it double or single. It could even make an emergency tent (real emergency.)

Going camping always makes me think of driving up to the north woods. If you ever drive up through a boreal forest, I recommend being the passenger. Then you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery. And it is a joy!! People make trips to see boreal forests each fall from all over the world. They are gorgeous.

If you can't be the passenger, then consider mounting your phone on the dash so it can capture the beauty for you. We gave this 2 in 1 phone mount and charger a try and it did a pretty good job. The best part about it is the dual purposing - you can charge your phone while it hangs out on the dash. I wasn't as big a fan of the vent mounting.

We have vertical vents in our car and it just doesn't hang on well enough. Maybe if we had horizontal vents it would have worked better.

It's tempting to just shut everything down and begin the hibernation but resist!! There are still seeds to collect and tomatoes to bring in! There are herbs to put into the ground (and other perennials like garlic and strawberries) before the winter comes and destroys them. Trim up your raspberry bushes and chop up your herbs.

I chop up all my herbs with these awesome scissors. They are an inexpensive splurge (less than $7 with free shipping!) that really do make cooking more enjoyable. I love having my herbs evenly diced up because it makes sure the flavor is equally dispersed.

The scissors are so much easier than dirtying a cutting board and knife. I just rinse these babies out and put them back in the drawer. I use these with basil (cut and freeze them in oil) and with chives (just cut and freeze in a bag.) Having "fresh" herbs in the winter is a luxury that makes winter so much more bearable. Just like having fresh berries in the freezer. So wonderful and nothing beats produce you picked yourself!

Get out and enjoy the last few "warm" days before we all get buried in snow.

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