Twisted Fate, A jealous woman, and the Lives we Lead

Earlier this summer, I was out and about with my kids when I noticed a garage sale sign. Always lured by the "treasure hunt" I followed the sign.

I looked around the driveway for a few moments before I noticed a woman speaking with the homeowner. She was recanting her woes.

Oh, how she suffered. She was so stressed out running her kids around, just trying to keep up with it all. Her life was so miserable.

She went on and on. Then she got to the meat of her feelings. She said, "You know the worst of it?"

"I have a neighbor that's paralyzed. He had a neck injury from high school wrestling and he's been paralyzed from the neck down every since. He is so happy. He's glad to be alive every day."

The homeowner made a few comments about how hard it must be for him and thank goodness he had such a positive attitude. Then the lady continued, "yeah, he's really full of joy. Lucky bastard. I mean how come he gets all the good while I'm stuck with the bad?"

It was all I could do not to knock her to the ground and beat some sense into her. Actually, I've learned to stay out of other peoples' business, but this conversation irked me for a long time.

She was well. Overweight and older than her years maybe, but well. She was speaking to the homeowner as if they were friends or neighbors. They knew each other. I was in a wealthy neighborhood at the time so even if she may not have "had it all" she certainly had "enough."

She complained about the stress of her family, meaning she wasn't alone and she had people in her life. But she was so unhappy and empty. She was so empty that she was jealous of a man that no longer had anything. If we are being honest, that young man was robbed of a zillion life experiences that most of us take for granted. Yes he was grateful and looked at his life with a positive lens. Good for him. Really good for him. He could be trapped in that body and miserable.

But she saw it being unfair that he "had all the luck" and was happy while she wasn't. I couldn't believe an adult would be so twisted to think and say that.

He had horrible luck and he was making the best of it. She probably had okay luck and most everything a woman could need, and she was miserable. Miserable enough to be jealous of a paralyzed man.

Think about that for awhile.


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