Pro Circle Gymnastics Rings Review

Who doesn't want gymnastics rings in their house!!?? I have always wanted to hang brackets from the ceiling so I can have a rope, gymnastics rings, a swing, a trx system.... All that fun stuff!

Setting up a permanent system is never going to happen, so I am very thankful that most equipment is versatile enough to be modified. Take these gymanstics rings for instance.  They would be amazing hanging from a permanent hook in the ceiling. AMAZING! They are big - solid wood rings.

They have a latching system that allows you to move these around. I could hook them up at the playground or on a big tree in the backyard. I can even hook them around my pull up bar.
The latch system is super strong. The rings are very comfortable in your hands but also nice and thick - which builds better grip strength. The wood is smooth - not a chance of splinters - and they are heavy duty - built to last, even if you plan on moving them around like I do.

These are a hit in our home for added strength - who needs a dip bar when you have rings!? My daughter is a gymnast and she likes to use them for all sorts of wild tricks. My son is using them to improve his grip strength and upper body - he's a wrestler.

I would highly recommend these to anyone. They are really well made and a good value for what they bring.

I received a complimentary ring set for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate links and/or ads.


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